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Organic skin care products are gaining more and more popularity, as women are turning to more natural and healthier lifestyles in recent years. However, it’s not as easy to buy high-quality, organic creams and makeup as it is with mainstream cosmetics you can easily order here. But the specialty online store of Juicy Beauty may be the best place to find authentic, organic beauty products, while the best place to shop for organic supplements is Amazon.

Close-up, beauty shot of a smiling, beautiful brunette womanThe beauty industry has grown immensely in the recent decades, offering more exquisite and effective products than ever before. Your lipstick, shampoo and hand cream are light years away from what your granny used back in her day. But today’s cosmetics are also associated with the extensive use of artificial colorings, preservatives, artificial active ingredients, parabens, chemical dyes and a whole ton of chemicals, many of which are harmful. Basically, everything that is banned from food goes into beauty products, as Karen Behnke, founder of Juicy Beauty, has said. And she couldn’t be more right.

This is the main reason why the industry started to introduce organic ingredients, which means ingredients without synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, irradiated products, and so on. Some companies such as the American Juicy Beauty has specialized in creating organic beauty products, which are certified as such (including USDA organic certification), safe, and can be used even by customers with allergies or sensitive skins. Of course, if you are allergic to berries, you shouldn’t buy berry fruit-based skin care lines. Today, the brand offers high-quality and award-winning anti-oxidant rich skincare, makeup and hair care products. Its organic products are available for purchase at many retailers and specialty shops across the United States. But you can find them online too, and moreover much easier and convenient.

featured-bestsellers-274x244The company offers its organic beauty produce on its site, which besides a retailing website, serves also as a great source of information about their products. Also, shoppers here can find everything they need to know about the particular ingredients – algae, passion flower, fruit stem cells, Goji berry, acai berry, green tea, chamomile, sage leaf, licorice roots, avocado oil, oats, candelilla wax, Ylang Ylang, and many others. You will know how they work and you can easily find products, especially designed for your regimen or skin concern. For instance, there is a difference between the products for mature skin and those for teens, as well as between sensitive skin and hyper pigmentation. There are special products for defying age, acne fighting, and specialty items for pregnant women.

The store offers various products including cleansers and toners, serums and peels, moisturizers, SPF, eye care items, body care products, and many others. There are also shampoos, conditioners and other hair care items you can choose from, depending on whether your hair needs repairing, brightening, volume or smoothening. If you are based in Dubai, you should consider that shampoos and conditioners might be heavy for shipping from the U.S. and the Shop&Ship service may add a significant amount to the cost of your purchase. This is not the case with lighter products, however.

There is also a great choice of makeup products for a more natural look, classic beauty, as well as really glamorous tones for special occasions. And all this contains natural, organic, and safe ingredients, with the manufacturer even avoiding some natural products, which however have certain harmful effects.

makeupThese products provide powerful effect without the harsh chemicals, which are particularly common in anti-aging cosmetics, or those designed for blemished or hyperpigmented skin. Another great thing about the online store is that it offers adorable bridal beauty gift sets, which can be given to the bride-to-be or to the maids of honor; as thank-you presents, and so on. There are also different other gift sets for any occasion, which sell at really great prices from $19 up to $139. The other alternative is to buy a gift card. Juicy Beauty eGift Cards are available in denominations from $15 to $250 and are easily sent to the receiver via e-mail.

When shopping from the online store, shoppers who place orders over $30 enjoy free shipping within the country. For customers from Canada, the free shipping option is valid for purchases worth $100 or more. In addition, Juicy Beauty offers three free samples with each order, so you can try out something new each time without having to pay for something you may be or may not be sensitive to. All these make the safest and best place to buy organic beauty products, off- or online, although Amazon’s Natural Personal Care Store offers wider selection.


  1. Great article, thank you. It is true many beauty and skin care consumers look for more natural and organic products for skin treatments and care. Many other consumers though prefer skin care products that are a little more potent and pick more cosmeceutical or not over the counter types of products for their skin. We have been working with skin care brands at Illumination Consulting for over 10 years, helping them get started, grow, and expand online. There are not too many skin care brands that offer organic skin care products. They are very expansive to formulate and getting true organic ingredients is not easy for brands.

  2. Great article thanks a lot for the updates, well I live in Dubai but am chopping off my relaxed hair to African natural hair, so I need natural hair products to maintain my strands, curls, like shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer to mention but a few. Am wondering where I can buy those products which actually suites the Dubai weather both winter and summer.looking forward for your help.update me please, thanks a lot once again.

  3. Hi it’s milad I sow your website if possible can call me at the number bec I have beauty salon VIP salon and I searching about Faisal product to use in our spa 0506274070


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