Wellness Travel Trends 2015


While a few years ago, wellness tourism was classified as a travel trend, today it has become a travel category of its own right. As such, it sparks new tendencies and obsessions among vacationers. Here are the top wellness travel trends you can expect in 2015.

Wearable Wellness Vacation

014_detailThe newest wellness travel trend that will gain popularity in 2015 will include wearable fitness devices. Many people already own a fitness band or a smartwatch and track their health and fitness stats. However, for now, users seem to rely on these wearables in an attempt to achieve a better life-work balance. Next year, more and more travellers will start to bring their fitness wearables even when they are on a vacation. Moreover, they will increase their daily goals. So, they will be more motivated to explore the locations in which they are vacationing.

Wellness and Spa Programs Tailored Specifically for Business Professionals

the-spa-suite-at-the-address-downtown-burj-dubaiBusiness professionals are among the most stresses group of individuals today. Many spa and wellness resorts will offer special programs and packages that will target overstressed business executives. They will combine different medical, nutrition and fitness programs. A number of wellness resorts in Bulgaria have begun adopting this tendency already, but you may explore a large variety of options here and even find a way to gift a vacation to a loved one.

Short Wellness Breaks

Traditionally, wellness vacations tend to be longer and stretch over at least a couple of weeks. In 2015, however, travellers will prefer to go on shorter wellness breaks, but more frequently than before. This means that wellness holidays will no longer revolve around isolated and secluded destinations, but also more quite spots in the outskirts of bigger cities.

Wellness Honeymoons

Honeymoons will also be influenced by the trends in wellness travel. Next year, newlyweds will avoid lazy honeymoons and would opt for more healthy vacations. Instead of sunbathing next to pool for days, they will go on culturally rich holiday that includes healthy cooking courses and adventure sports.

Amari Coral Beach- Breeze Spa Compressed

Thermal Springs

When it comes to spa, thermal springs are a classic in the genre. Nevertheless, in 2015, their popularity will be greater than ever. Travellers will be particularly attracted by the thermal springs in Bali, Italy and Malaysia and they will rediscover the benefits offered by thermal springs – from their pain relieving qualities to their beautifying powers.

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa - 1832 Heritage Homestead

Most of these trends are quite easy to follow. Therefore, 2015 promises to be one more peaceful and relaxing year.


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