Dubai Metro Goes to the Moon and Back 37 Times


This September 9, Dubai Metro turned 5. To mark this anniversary, the Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority (RTA), kept riders entertained with various events and prizes throughout the day. Apart from that, RTA has also published a list of impressive statistics for the emirate’s metro rail network. According to it, for just five years, Dubai Metro has covered the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back… more than 37 times! Here are some of the most fascinating Dubai Metro milestones:


  • 28,986,929 km – The total distance covered by Dubai Metro during its first five years of operation. That is enough to go to the Moon and back over 37 times or to circle the Earth 700 times.
  • 74.6 km – This is the entire distance that is covered by the Dubai Metro every single day.
  • 1.5 km – Is the estimated average distance between Metro Stations.


  • 455,458,129 – The number of passengers that have used the Dubai Metro since it was first opened 5 years ago.
  • 137,759,258 –The passengers who have travelled by Dubai’s metro rail network in 2013, alone.
  • 500,000 – The amount of passengers that rely on the Dubai Metro every day.
  • 643 – Every train can accommodate a maximum of 643 passengers.

Green and Red Lines

  • 768,484 – The total trips made by the Dubai Metro in both the Red and Green line last year
  • 62 – Trains run on the Green and Red lines
  • 490,003 – The amount of trips made on the Red Line until July 2014
  • 88,886,539 – Passengers who used the Red Line on the Dubai Metro in 2013
  • 52.1 km – The complete distance of the Red line
  • 29 – The number of stations on the Red line
  • 274,481 – Trips made on the Green Line until July 2014
  • 18 – The number of stations on the Green line
  • 22.5 km – The total distance of the Green line

These numbers show exactly how busy the Dubai Metro is. That is why it is not surprising that there are 4,000 CCTV cameras installed on the metro’s stations and trains, as well as 700 metro personnel that was trained in medical assistance and first aid. Still, Dubai Metro seems to be doing its best at making the most of everything. For instance, it recycles 80% of all the water it used to wash the metro trains.


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