How Equinix Ad-IX Ecosystem Revolutionized Web Advertising


If you are advertising your business on the Internet, you need to make sure your ads reach as many users as possible. But you will also need users to be in a specific demographic areas and ready to buy your products. Online advertising is evolving faster than ever before, but now the Equinix Ad-IX ecosystem has truly revolutionized it, providing the fastest ad bidding possible.

Faster speed of real-time ad bidding is critical to the better performance for advertisers and the increased revenue for companies in the video advertising ecosystem. With the growth of the advertising industry, the old-fashioned method of buying open slots for ads on online outlets has become ineffective. Real time bidding for slots is the best way to ensure your message will reach individual users. And the faster you are, the better, because most of the campaigns are time sensitive and expire fast. Real time is becoming the norm for the enterprise and now there is a specialized infrastructure, which reduces latency of direct interconnections. Ad exchanges emerged as the more efficient solution – they now allow you to target users and reach them at the exact moment when they appear on pages.

The Equinix Ad-IX platform is a successful ecosystem, which connects ad exchanges with ad markets, eliminating time-outs, improving the campaign performance and boosting your ad revenue. It’s a creation of the partnership between Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company, and BrightRoll, the largest independent video advertising platform. The Equinix Ad-IX ecosystem brings buyers and sellers together in real time. It enables advertisers to reach specific audiences efficiently, matching ad inventory to viewers within single-digit milliseconds, which is literally nothing.

The increased speed of programmatic real-time bidding will give you access to more inventory, smarter and more efficient bidding, as well as more completed and won bids. For every enterprise it means one thing – higher revenue and faster progress. That’s why the Equinix Ad-IX ecosystem is a true revolution in online advertising.


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