Infertility treatment tops list of medical tourism procedures


·Infertility procedure topping list of common procedures on medical tourism trips bucks global trend

·48% of medical tourists are from the GCC

·80% of physicians surveyed believe that medical tourists come to Dubai for quality of care

·Survey reflects medical tourism views from majority of DHCC’s 120 medical facilities

Infertility treatment tops list of medical tourism procedures, according to a new survey conducted by Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

DHCC_Infographic_Medical tourism from January to June 2014 - English

The global trend points to cosmetic surgery, dentistry, orthopaedic and heart surgery as the most common procedures people undergo on medical tourism trips according to US-based public health institute Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions.

Infertility treatment topping the list of procedures medical tourists undergo at DHCC bucks the global trend of common medical tourism procedures.

Following infertility treatment, the survey findings point that medical tourists opt for cosmetic, dental, cardiac, and orthopaedic procedures, treatments or tests.

The survey was commissioned by Dubai Healthcare City using respondents from its 120 medical facilities. The data collected represents a six-month period, beginning January 2014. The sample size was weighted for facilities that offer clinical services so that it was representative of medical tourism profile.

DHCC, a health and wellness destination that brings together a wealth of services in healthcare, medical education and research, surveyed physicians on their views, observations and expectations of medical tourism in Dubai – a focus key for the Emirate.

Key findings state 48 per cent medical tourists come primarily from the GCC; 32 per cent from the wider Arab World; 26 per cent from Eastern and Western Europe; and 23 per cent from Asia. The three most popular procedures are: first, infertility treatments, second, cosmetic treatments, and third, dental.

DHCC-based physicians reported that 80 per cent of medical tourists come to Dubai for quality of care; 61 per cent say it is for the city’s experienced physicians, while 48 per cent highlighted the availability of specialist treatments.

Marwan Abedin, Chief Executive Officer of DHCC commented on the results:
“Hearing from our partners, who are in regular contact with medical tourists, on their views and the feedback they receive is essential to helping us improve our offerings. As a strategic priority for DHCC, we are committed to increasing the flow of medical tourists visiting Dubai. We can achieve this with regular feedback and cooperation among our partner clinics and hospitals as well as medical tourism facilitators.”

In its efforts to strengthen Dubai’s position as a preferred destination for medical tourism, DHCC actively participates in international and regional medical travel conferences and events.

In 2014, Dubai Healthcare City took part in the International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC), Arab Travel Market (ATM) and the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress Taiwan 2014 (WMTC Taiwan). In September, DHCC will be at the Otdykh Leisure Moscow, the main International Autumn Trade Fair for tourism in Russia and CIS.

DHCC signed in May, 2014 a memorandum of understanding with global non-profit body Medical Tourism Association (MTA) to work together on a number of training and certification programmes that will benefit the emirate’s medical visitors.


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