Frozen-themed Products Replace Furby as Most Preferred by Kids


Furby toys have been the most popular Christmas gift for kids in 2013 and many years ago when they just emerged. However, this year Furbys could find a rival in Frozen-themed products. Disney’s film success is growing x-potentially, although it was released almost a year ago. Pretty much anything that has a Frozen character on it is already a hit – from toys and games to accessories and clothing. Here are some of the best Frozen-themed products you can find online at the moment and you may just click on the image to purchase it.

Frozen Dresses

Frozen dresses will be a must this holiday season. Also, they will make a great present for two sisters, for example. Surprise one of them with an Elsa dress and the other with an Anna dress and watch their faces light up.

Frozen Accessories

Don’t forget to add some accessories to the dresses. Every princess needs a tiara so you can start from here. There are many Frozen-themed tiaras
on from which you can choose, just make sure it matches the dress. But no Frozen dress will be complete without a pair of Elsa’s shoes. Again, look for something that will combine well with the dress and the rest of the Frozen look.

A great tactic to make school a better place for a young girl is by getting her the Frozen backpack. It is a very practical gift, which a kid will actually enjoy. These backpacks come with different Frozen characters on them, but those that feature Elsa and Anna are the trendiest.

Olaf Mania

Without a doubt, Olaf is one of the most loved characters from Frozen. So, you can directly go ahead and get an entire collection of Olaf-themed presents. A Disney Frozen Olaf cuddle pillow will be one of the most popular choices. In addition, any pajama set with Olaf on it will be a winner. However, if you want to take things to another level, invest in Frozen Hide-and-Hug Olaf and enjoy a family fun experience.

Frozen Toys

If you looking for a Christmas present for a young girl, the safest option you have is to get her any of the many Frozen toys that are listed on Amazon. For instance, there are various dolls of Anna and Elsa, which are quite elaborately made and include even the smallest details’ on the two princesses’ dress.

You can easily find separate toy figures and dolls of all the main Frozen characters. However, you can be certain that your little princess will not be happy until she collects all of them. Therefore, you should better get all of them at once. Amazon already offers a Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset that features the sisters Anna and Elsa, Prince Hans, Kristoff, Sven and, of course, Olaf.

Now that you have purchases the toy figures of the characters from the film, you will need a nice scenery for them. The Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset is a little expansive, but it is guaranteed to make your little princes feel beyond excited.

Last, but not least, the theme song from Frozen is one of the movie’s trademarks and children love to sing along to it. That is why various toy makers will offer portable sing-along boomboxes or even read-along storybooks for the youngest Frozen fans.

With all this Frozen hype, you may have to just “Let It Go” and spend some more on your little princes this Christmas.


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