Conquering Summer Slump in Business


It’s that time of the year when some companies experience the so-called summer slump in business. This is a dreaded period for almost all companies, particularly startups and small business. The summer slump in business causes sales and productivity decline. Customers become more focused on their vacation plans, while employees are anticipating over their own summer holidays or are fighting with the post-vacation blues. When combined, all of these factors can be dangerous for companies of any size. That is why, beating the summer slump in business should be a task of top priority for business owners. Here are some ideas that will help you keep business going during the summer months.

Customers Summer Slump

Don’t slow down – If your company maintains a social media presence, you have probably noticed that consumer engagement has greatly declined. However, this does not mean that you should stop paying attention to your social media pages. Although you can allow yourself to reduce the amount of content you post, you should not completely abandon your business social network accounts. Make sure you show some signs of life. In addition, you can use this time to refresh the look of your online presence – new profile or header picture, updated company description and etc.

Think local – Summer vacations are not what they used to be. The latest travel trend called staycation proves it. Many people will spend their holidays in the city. This means more opportunities for you and your company. Do not be afraid to organize summer promotions and events.

Change your focus – If your business is working in one direction, this does not mean that you should not focus in another during the summer period. For instance, if you are a retailer specializing in home décor items, you should also add some summer-themed products, like beach umbrellas, towels or even beach inflatables. Think of it as a temporary measure against the summer slump in business.

Plan ahead – Summer is the best time to plan your business strategy for the fall and the winter. After all, the holiday season is on its way and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two most profitable days of the year for small-sized companies. Make the most of them by coming up with fresh marketing ideas or exclusive deals. In addition, you may start stocking up and even some wholesalers such as are running dedicated pre-holiday shopping events. If you find it hard to keep your business blooming in the summer, you can at least try to turn things around during the upcoming months.

Learn new things – Self-improvement is always a good idea. Although summer is typically a lazy season, if you feel that you and your employees have the necessary energy, you can try and improve your professional skills and knowledge. Organize a collective training or a seminar dedicated to a popular subject or a trend regarding your business niche.


Schedule vacation days – Clear out all vacation policies with your employees. Schedule their holiday calendar and that would quickly raise their spirit. That will allow them to plan their holiday. In addition, it will enable business owners to avoid any vacation overlap that would result in a semi-empty office.

Team building – Change the scenery and the atmosphere for a day. Organize a team-building event, like a company picnic, for example. It does not have to be during the workday and it can take place in the post-office hours. That will make your employees feel the vibes of the season.

Encourage creativity – Think of a project that will require your employees to demonstrate creativity. That could be anything from coming up with a new company slogan or a motto or just ideas for future projects and marketing strategy. That will easily divert your team away of the summer slump in business and encourage people to flex their brains.

Giving in to the summer slump is a dreadful experience for any business owner who doesn’t plan in advance how to combat the seasonal blues.


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