Dubai Hotels 2nd Most Expensive on World Hotel Index: Cities


the-palace-the-old-town-pool-nightIf you are planning to visit Dubai for a few days, you should prepare to spend a hefty amount of money on your stay. Dubai hotels cost was recently ranked second highest in the world by Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg’s World Hotel Index: Cities, a stay in a Dubai hotel costs an average of $273 per night. That ranks the city second, right after Switzerland’s Geneva, where hotel prices are estimated at $308 on the average.

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah - ResizedCurrently, there is an upwards trend when it comes to the cost of staying in Dubai. Hotel costs are continuing to increase and have even reached their 2008 levels. As a result, some travellers are reported to opt for alternatives, like booking a hotel or a resort room outside the city. The fact that luxury hotels dominate the hospitality landscape of Dubai makes prices go even higher. Hilton and Marriott-like hotel chains are expanding their portfolios on a fast pace, offering more and more unique luxury experiences.

Hotel occupancy rates in the emirate remain more than impressive. Moreover, Dubai was recently announced as the best city for hotels and shopping in a new survey conducted by TripAdvisor. At present, the emirate is working on developing a variety of 3- and 4-star hotels ahead of World Expo 2020 and hotel rates are expected to normalize in the coming years.

Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is placed at the 45th spot on Bloomberg’s list along with Vienna. Average hotel rates in the both cities are estimated at around $170.

With hotel room cost of $308, Geneva is the world’s most expensive city to stay. Bloomberg explains that the main reason for that is the limited availability of land for new developments. Also, the majority of hotels in Geneva are luxury ones. In addition to that, the city attracts various international organizations for conferences and seminars, which further boost hotel room rates.

New York witnessed a decline on the list and it takes the 10th position this year. According to Bloomberg’s experts, hotels have become slightly more affordable, due to rapidly increasing amount of hospitality facilities in the city and availability of properties in general. For just eight years, 74 new hotels were opened in the Big Apple, which about 13,500 new rooms. Another 15,000 rooms are expected to be ready by 2017. This numbers are not that much impressive in comparison to Dubai hotels rate of growth.

Hong Kong hotels are the priciest in the Asia-Pacific region. The city ranks 6th this year with average hotel cost of $242 per night.

Cities with the most expensive average hotel cost in the world:

  • Geneva, Switzerland ($308)
  • Dubai, UAE ($273)
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait ($253)
  • Zurich, Switzerland ($250)
  • Miami, United States ($245)
  • Hong Kong, China ($242)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland ($241)
  • London, United Kingdom ($235)
  • Singapore, Singapore ($235)
  • New York, United States ($233)

The index also outlines the cities with the cheapest hotels in the world. The most affordable city to stay is Hanoi in Vietnam, where the room cost is around $62. Other affordable options include Makati City, Philippines ($78), Chennai (Madras), India ($78), Calcutta, India ($81), as well as Sofia, Bulgaria ($82).


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