Weekend Food for Thought – Happiness in Numbers


Define “happiness!” Sounds like a mission impossible, doesn’t it. Happiness has a different meaning for each one of us. For some it is love, for others it is riches and etc. If there was a recipe for happiness, depression would not exists at all.

However, now scientists have tried to measure happiness in numbers. The results define a few instant happiness boosters.

10 Friends – Researchers have discovered that every person needs to stay in regular contact with an average of 10 friends. It is scientifically proven that communicating and spending time with friends, can make us feel happier. However, if you are looking for the ultimate feeling of happiness, aim for 10 buddies. The good news – even regular social network interactions with a group of friends count!

1 Mile Away – However, do not rely only on social media websites to stay in touch with your friends. Make sure at least one of them lives 1 mile away from you. According to studies, this will help you boost your happiness levels by 25%. That is about the same amount of extra happiness you will get if you move in with your partner.

$75,000 – Money can’t buy happiness. However, the lack of money can kill off your happy vibe. Life science proved that financial hardships can result in a divorce, or even health problems. Therefore, it is estimated an annual salary of around $75,000 cannot only cover a person’s daily needs, but it can also allow him or her to enjoy some luxuries and treats.

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6 – 7 Hours a Day – This is the amount of time which you should invest in socializing with your family and friends. Spending a quarter of your day in the company of relatives and mates can greatly reduce stress and make you feel loved. That is namely why people feel the happiest during the weekends.

33, 55, and 70s – These are known as the happy ages. If you are 22, 55 or in your 70s, you feel happier. People in their early 30s tend to enjoy the combination of a certain financial security, energy, as well as wisdom. Individuals in their mid-fifties, on the other hand, were found to be the smiliest. However, to reach the peak of your happiness, you will need to wait until your 70s.

40% of Personal Choice – According to researchers, happiness depends on various factors, like life circumstances, genetics and character. Still, one of the most important aspects of happiness is that it can be balanced. Simply put, it is a state of mind. If you choose not to give in to dark thoughts and stay positive and hopeful, you will boost your happiness level by 40%. Worth trying, right!

Even though not all of these “instant” happiness boosters can be achieved in an instant, you can at least add them to your list of goals. In the short run, this weekend you can try spending more time with your friends and family (not only online but also in person) and think happy thoughts!


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