Home Interior Design Trends for Summer 2014


After a breezy and even rainy in UAE winter and hurried spring, it is once again time for the hot long summer! If you are still not in the right mood for the season, you should probably invite the summer light into your home. The best way to do so is by following the most steaming home interior design trends for summer season 2014. The next few months will be characterized with a tropical heat, some flower power, as well as vibrant, but deep scenery. No, this is not the weather forecast, but an interior design trends guide for upcoming summer of 2014!

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Typically, colour trends in the summer are bolder and wilder. While the spring always comes with a sense of mildness and revival, the summer will arrive with a big bang. The colour trends this season will have a lot to contribute to that feeling. There is no better way to welcome the summer than adding a pop colour to your home décor. Do not be afraid to pick the loudest and brightest colour you can think of. However, avoid combining it with other pop tones. Instead, mix it with warmer or more neutral colours. Just find some cushions in a popping colour and spread them on your sofa, or even in your dining area. So, you will highlight a space in your home.

Purple is still in vogue. After a strong winter and spring, this colour will continue to be seen here and there. Despite that, this time it will be more vibrant and deep. This particular shade can make the atmosphere of any room more relaxed and laid-back. Therefore, if you simply want to have a lazy and quiet summer, you can try adding purple to your home interior design. Curtains are the quickest purple fix which we recommend you try out this season.

No matter the season, grey is always in. This summer will be no exception… except it may be! The grey colour trend this season will be anything but boring and neutral. Instead, it will be very sharp and dark. That will give any room a characters and an urban, Manhattan-like feeling. This colour will be especially used in kitchens and it will be often combined with ink blue and white. Grey looks best on the walls or on the floors. Those, of you who are not willing to paint in gray, can just put a simplistic carpet on the floor and some graphic, monochromatic art on the walls.


There will be three main home décor styles that will dominate this summer – tropical, floral and indoor-outdoor. The tropical theme includes a combination between green and blue. In addition, there can be tribal elements and prints to complete this style. However, this season we will also witness a new kind of tropical, which will be more flirty and breezy. It will involve bold colours, like yellow and orange, as well as playful and exotic prints. Be careful, because this style can easily turn into a kitsch if you go even a little overboard with it. That is why, our advice is, to minimize it. Just include a few home decorations in vibrant green and one that is covered in interesting tropical prints. Again, cushion and curtains are a safe choice. Chairs and coffee tables in this style will also do the trick.

The spring floral theme will continue to be around. Therefore, if you still have some floral leftovers from the previous season, you might leave them hang around for a few more months. Nevertheless, decorating with floral prints and patters is tricky and it can quickly turn into a disaster if you do not find a way to balance all the colour and lushness. Don’t worry, because the solution is easy. All you need to do is combine them with plain surfaces (floors, tables, walls and etc.).

Last, but not least, this summer the outdoor will go indoor. Homes will resemble gardens and that will make everything incredibly interesting and it will establish a feeling of nature. Think of outdoor furniture, lots and lots of plants and natural materials. Find a nice, vintage-looking garden table and place it in your kitchen. That will make your morning coffee taste so much better. Fill your house with plants – not just flower bouquets, but green and living plants. They don’t even need to be colourful or blooming. To complete the feeling, you can also use little details made of wood or even rocks, like sculptures, for example.

Summer 2014 promises to be hotter and more exciting than ever! So don’t be afraid to invite it into your home.


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