Dubai’s First Medical Tourism Package


With the aim to attract even more tourists, Dubai will launch a tailor-made medical tourism package. The news was shared yesterday by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). This is the very first of its kind package aimed at promoting medical tourism in the emirate.

According to DHA, the package will target patients living outside the UAE and the Middle East region in general. In addition, it is said that it will apply for various illnesses. Those, who decide to take advantage of the offer, will receive a visa and accommodation in Dubai. Also, their travel costs will be covered and they will have the chance to undergo an executive full body checkup. In addition, the package will even take care of the family members who travel with the patient. While their relative receives the necessary treatment, they will be able to enjoy various recreational activities.

Dubai’s first medical tourism package will become available in September 2014. As part of the campaign, every hospital or health facility in the city will have to offer their ideas and plans for medical tourism packs, like the procedures they would like to promote. However, they would first needs to fill out some documents and send them to the Dubai Medical Tourism department of the Dubai Health Authority. The department will then give them a membership depending on their documents and assessment results. There are three types of membership hospitals can receive – silver, gold, as well as platinum.

In addition to that, Dubai health facilities wishing to participate in the campaign will also need to undergo additional evaluation. It will focus on things like transportation services offered by the hospital, translators, comfort of the rooms, accessibility and many others. In that way, DHA will easily provide a top-class medical tourism options to patients.
According to DHA officials, Dubai’s first medical tourism package is a logical step. The city already has the fame of tourism hub and medical tourism is a niche that deserves to be explored and developed. After all, this sector is very successful all around the world today. Last year, for example, global medical tourism registered a 16% jump, reaching revenues of $30 billion. In addition, the sector promises to remain profitable over the next few years. It is expected that it will double by 2020.

Dubai’s goal is to lure half a million medical tourism over the next six years. Given the city’s popularity among travellers and large number of internationally accredited health facilities, that should not be a problem.

However, the purpose of Dubai’s medical tourism package will not be to benefit only the city’s tourism and hospitality sector, but also hospitals and medical professionals.
DHA shared that a website dedicated to Dubai’s medical tourism will be launched sometime between October and December 2014.


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