Microsoft’s Surface Mini Leaks on Amazon


Will Microsoft release a smaller version of its Surface tablet? The answer to that question may actually be “yes.” Amazon has just leaked the notorious Surface Mini tablet PC.

An electronics wholeseller recently posted a new product which it claimed to be a case for Microsoft’s minis-sized Surface on According to the provide description, its cases were “specifically designed” for the Microsoft Surface Mini tablet.

Along with the description, there are also a few photos of a tablet device in the case. However, the gadget is probably not the new Surface and it is simply used to illustrate the qualities of the tablet cases in question. In fact, the device resembles more the recently released 8” Windows tablet PC by Lenovo.

However, the description of the Surface Mini case gives another even more interesting piece of information. According to the post, the cases will be in stock on May 18, 2014. This suggests that Microsoft may launch its latest tablet around or on this very same date.

Rumours that Microsoft is preparing to unveil a Surface Mini tablet first appeared during the fall of 2013. According to insiders, the gadget’s screen size will vary somewhere between 7” and 8”. In addition, it is believed that U.S. technology giant plans to introduce it sometime in the spring of this year.

One of the more recent rumours on the device is that it will shipped with a stylus. This means that the small-sized Surface might actually be a note-taking tablet PC. If that is the really the case, it is likely to support different note-taking apps and features. This would certainly give Microsoft’s table a competitive edge.

We remind you that Microsoft has been spending extra time on redesigning and improving its Windows operating system. Also, the company slashed the price tags of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for manufacturers a number of times. Moreover, not long ago, it even revealed its plans to make the Windows Phone mobile operating system available for free on devices that have 9-inched or smaller displays.

Although Microsoft refused to make any comments on the Amazon leak, it seems that are pretty close to getting a first glimpse at Surface Mini.


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