3 Books for Businesses in Dubai You May Order Online


Dubai has become an attractive place for starting a business for both Gulf citizens and international entrepreneurs due to the growth of a number of industry sectors, the good business environment and certain beneficial legal and fiscal conditions. No truly global corporation stays away from the booming region right now, and respectively business in Dubai in particular, but in order to succeed your business venture should be specifically designed for this unique market. To get some insights on what’s happening in the fastest growing city of the Gulf, see our list of books for businesses in Dubai, available on Amazon.com. If you are based in the Middle East, you may use the shopandship.com service to receive your international online purchases.

Business Guide: Doing Business in Dubai & the United Arab Emirates: Start Your Business Now! By Sasha Noack. This book by German Sasha Noack provides an overview of the specific economical, legal, political, and social environments in Dubai and the other emirates and some essential considerations when starting a or expanding your business here. It also offers suggestions on various business opportunities, illustrates the investment climate and explains the free trade zones, and points out the fastest growing industry sectors. The author also focuses on the business culture as well as on the different business forms, available to entrepreneurs.

Dubai & Co.: Global Strategies for Doing Business in the Gulf States by Aamir A.Rehman. This book answers an intriguing question – Why starting business in Dubai? The city has the fastest developing economy in the region and is certainly one of the world’s most attractive places for businesses working in the energy, hospitality, financial services, real estate, retail, technology, consumer goods and countless other industries. And this book is an in-depth guide on developing and expanding your business on the basis of the region-specific environment. How to be global, while adapting to the unique local conditions?

Start a Business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Northern Emirates – The DIY Fast Track Set Up Guide by Christine O. Sunil S. This is an incredibly diverse and detailed book, created to fit the needs of every investor and business owner who is already living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates, as well as for those researching the local market and looking for opportunities. The book provides information on everything you need to know about establishing a company or a small business – market conditions, business environment, free zones, culture, specific laws and regulations, banking, rental market, cost of living, visa rules, and many , many others.


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