Celebrations – The Good and The Bad


fireworks-at-global-villageIt is not a secret that people in Dubai love to relax, spend time off, celebrate and party. Take holidays, for example. A proper holiday requires some celebration which, on the other hand cannot go without a time off. However, there are some important questions here: How long should holidays last; How frequent we should celebrate; Which occasions deserve celebrations; When can we say that a break is too short or too long?

Namely, these questions inspired us to discuss a popular, yet often overlooked topic: celebrations and, more specifically, prolonged celebrations, holidays and vacations.

The truth is that the answer of these questions depends on the person you are asking. For some people, life should be an eternal celebration during which no one should work, study or even roll out of bed, or at least before 12pm. Others find a huge satisfaction in their work and they are terrified just by though of putting everything behind for a few days. Workaholics are even terrified from public holidays when they have to abandon routines and do something fun-like activities.

The solution of all of that is balance! You may have heard the popular saying that too much of anything is bad a thing. Well, it applies perfectly well in this context. Having too little personal and free time can be very stressful and tiring. However, a really long holiday or a vacation can harm your work or studies, since you will lose your daily rhythm. The opposite is also true. Skipping celebrations without taking any time off will slowly, but surely wear you off.

To gain better idea of the good in the bad and the bad in the good, we would briefly touch upon one popular term – prolonged celebrations. Very frequent in Dubai and even more frequent at the the Dubai-based British schools! These are holidays that extend way over the necessary time to mark an occasion or an event. Prolonged celebrations do have many benefits. First, they allow people to rest, relax and have more time on their hands to travel, see friends, visit relatives or to simply stare aimlessly at the TV. It can take them away from their daily stress and enable them to even go on a long vacation.

But every coin has two sides. So do prolonged celebrations. As it was already mentioned, when people spend too much time away from their work or studies to engulf into celebrations, they lose their rhythm and sense of reality. As a result, they have a harder and more stressful time getting back to their daily activities and responsibilities after that. This can easily lead to depression and fatigue – two conditions which are often overlooked and remain untreated for a long time.

In addition, prolonged celebrations can be really harmful for the economy and for the education process. They can have a profound effect on things like purchases and sales. This can make prices more vulnerable and lead to consequences that can affect the upcoming year.

Therefore, anything that throws off the balance should be avoided. You probably think that achieving this balance is hard, but it is not. All you need is a bit determination and consistency. The hard part is to find your own personal happy mean. Try to find how much time you really need to unwind and catch your breath. If you are having a trouble determining that, just keep in mind that regular short celebrations are better than one prolonged celebration. Do your best to stick to this rule and everything should fall in its right place.


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