Drones – The Latest Trend for Techies Reaches New Heights


Drones might be the next big thing not only for technology companies. Together with governments, tech giants have started to invest in this technology even though it is still in experimental stages. The latest company that might join this list is said to be Facebook.

According to a new report, the social network is planning to acquire a drone manufacturer called Titan Aerospace. It is said that Facebook is still in talks for the purchase of the drone maker. However, insiders reveal that this deal might cost the social media giant about $60 million.

We remind you that a number of other well-known technology companies have also showed interest in drones. Among them are Amazon and Google. A little over a year ago, Amazon acquired robotics company Kiva Systems for over $770 million. Only a few weeks ago, the giant unveiled a prototype device for a service called Prime Air. The service is expected to arrive in 2015 at the earliest and it promises to deliver products to consumers in a matter of 30 minutes.

Google, on the other hand, acquired Boston Dynamics which is known as one of the most advanced robotics companies in the world. Among its most famous creations are its BigDog robot which is capable of carrying 155kg load and Cheetah which can run with over 45 km/h. Although it is not yet clear why Google chose to buy this company, the most probable reason is to use it to further develop its self-driving car technology. At the latest edition of International CES, the technology giant announced partnerships with a number of car makers. Their focus was, of course, self-driving vehicles.

But what about Facebook? Why would it need to purchase a drone company? Well, this move might have something to do with Facebook’s new Internet-oriented strategy. Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s new mission is to bring Internet to more parts of the world. The drone company which the technology giant is said to plan to acquire can help it achieve this task. Titan Aerospace’s biggest invention are drones that function as satellites. Similar to them, these drones can reach incredible heights. However, unlike satellites, these devices come at a much more affordable price.

Facebook has not commented on the news. Therefore, the mystery remains open. Nevertheless, this does sound logical, since the company has teamed up with various wireless providers over the last few years.


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