Amazon Coins Now Available on All Android Devices


Amazon’s own digital currency, Amazon Coins, now is available for consumers who use Android devices. However, the service will be launched in a limited number of countries.

Until recently, Amazon Coins were available only for owners of Kindle Fire tablets, which use the Android mobile operating system. However, they rely on a modified version of the OS. Now, when the service is branching out, all Android users will have the opportunity to try it out. Nevertheless, Amazon exampled that initially only Android devices in Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. will have access to Amazon Coins.

As it was already mentioned, Amazon Coins is a digital currency created by the biggest online retailers. With it, consumers can buy apps or make in-app purchases, like unlocking a level or a special feature. The service allows them to do that directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Amazon says that current Amazon Coins users can also take advantage of the Android expansion. The company stated that they would only need to download the newest version of its Amazon Appstore application. Once they do that, their Amazon Coins balance would be automatically updated.

But exactly how popular are the Amazon Coins? According to the company, the digital service’s popularity is increasing at an unexpected rate. The company believes that one of the biggest advantages Amazon Coins offers is the chance to win Coins. Consumers actually earn Coins whenever they purchase a new app from Amazon’s Appstore. Also, they can win Coins by reaching goals in certain games and etc. In addition, users of the service have the chance to receive a discount of up to 10%. In other words, Amazon Coins not only makes app shopping easier and faster, but it also allows people to save money.

Amazon also stated that developers will still get revenue share of 70%, when users make purchases through Amazon Coins.

Amazon Coins was first introduced in the spring of 2013. To promote the service gave out free Coins to Kindle Fire users. Therefore, Android users should probably keep their eyes open for similar offers in the near future. Nevertheless, Amazon has not shared information on when the service will be launched in more countries and regions.


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