Profitable Startup Industries Entrepreneurs Need to Watch


Over the last few years, entrepreneurial activities enjoy an almost unseen rise. That is mainly because today loaning money from banks has turned into a routine activity. In addition, people want to be more financially independent even if that would require many risks. If you are planning to try your luck as an entrepreneur in 2014 and beyond, you should focus your energy and resources on a profitable startup industries with a potential. Not long ago, Forbes published some suggestions of which you may take advantage.

Social Network Game Development

One of the most successful and rapidly growing startup projects over past years have all been in the technology industry. However, social network game development seems to be particularly attractive. One great example here is Zynga. The company managed to hit $1.3 billion in revenue after only four years on the market. It is predicted that the annual revenue growth for this sector will be at about 24.4% by 2016.

Human Resources & Benefits Administration

As the global economy recovers, the employment market is also expected to see better days soon. This will create a great business opportunity for human resource companies. In addition, founding a HR firm does not require a huge capital. Despite that, the estimated annual enterprise growth in the sector over the next two years is estimated at over 4%.

Online Survey Software

Many companies are willing to use such software products. That is because online surveys are often cheaper when they are not outsourced. Therefore, this business can prove to be more profitable than you can expect. Also, online survey software companies can quickly find a place on the market, since it is not really crowded. Nevertheless, this business would require a high starting capital.

Scientific & Economic Consulting

Again, the rise of the demand for scientific and economic consulting has a lot to do with the improving global economy. In addition to that, many companies are seeking for consultants when it comes to new business technologies and trends. By 2016, this may turn into a $28.6 billion industry.

Internet Publishing & Broadcasting

The best niche here is websites that combine specialized content and social media features. Similar to online survey software startups, internet publishing and broadcasting businesses may also require a more generous starting capital. However, the expected annual enterprise growth over the next couple of years is estimated at almost 10%.

Corporate Wellness Services

Big companies are now searching for a more convenient and affordable alternatives to healthcare services. They can be interested in everything from fitness to wellness services. As a result, corporate wellness services are already enjoying a growing popularity. That, however, means that you may need to compete with some established names in the industry. Still, the capital intensity is rather low.

E-Commerce & Online Auctions

E-commerce and auction websites are predicted to remain popular for a very long time. In fact, it is even believed that this industry is just making its first steps. Yet, experts prefer to be cautious in their estimates and they foresee an annual revenue growth of 9.6% by 2016. Despite that, if you manage to attract a regular consumers’ base, you might be able to nearly double that number.

As you can see, there are many good opportunities for entrepreneurs today. They cover various sectors and require either a low or a medium capital. The common thing between them is their promising future.


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