Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements This Holiday Season


Want to get rid of the few extra pounds and get fit for the upcoming seasonal parties? Diet and exercise routine is the best strategy, but to boost the effect, try out one of the most successful food supplements for losing weight. We have chosen the five most popular and most preferred dietary pills nowadays based on customers’ rankings, best sellers’ lists, and reviews by nutritionists and medical professionals.

The International Association for the Study of Obesity reported past summer an estimated 1 billion overweight adults around the world, including 475 million who are obese. A recent Gallop Poll also claims that obesity rates only in the U.S. have reached 27.1 percent of the population. As the problem grows into a global epidemic, many consumers are looking for food supplements and functional foods to reduce their waistlines.

According to SPINS data, weight loss supplements are the fastest growing market category with a growth of nearly 17 percent per year. The numbers show that the top five primary ingredients in diet pills are the green coffee bean extract, caffeine, protein, raspberry ketones, and green tea.

Garcinia Cambodia Extract

The extract of this plant is said to suppress the appetite, reduce the calorie intake, and help the burning of fat. According to manufacturers and marketers, it actually reduces the body weight three times faster than diet and exercise alone. It’s also known to promote healthy cholesterol and serotonin levels. Clinical studies say after 8 weeks, you should lose an average of 5.4 percent of your body weight and BMI.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Unlike roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans are not a stimulant. They contain chlorogenic acid which supports glycemic control in your body. This means it leads to prevention of weight gain and various diseases, including diabetes.

White Kidney Beans

Its extract has been promoted as a “fat-blocker” which prevents or slows down the absorption of starches. Taking white kidney bean, you eat anything you want – the carbohydrates will be digested slowly or even not digested at all.

Raspberry Ketones

Since their introduction in Dr.Oz show, raspberry ketones became world famous and their sale has increased by over 640 percent! They are naturally found in the raspberries and other fruits where they are responsible for the distinctive sweet smell we love so much. According to studies in mice, raspberry ketones can prevent and improve obesity and even fatty liver. They can also increase the breakdown of fat cells, which leads to weight loss and improved overall health.


This is maybe the most controversial natural extract today. Since its appearance in 2003 study by Harvard’s David Sinclair, Resveratrol has been hailed as “magical” anti-aging wonder. The extract, found in red wine and the skins of grape, is believed not only to boost the metabolism and extend the lifespan, but also to trigger weight loss.

Right now, those are the most popular weight loss supplements and it’s clear that today people turn to the natural, organic solutions to lose weight. Of course, when getting those extracts, make sure they have no additives, preservatives, or any artificial ingredients. Quality brands provide safe products with no side effects to worry about. Two of the best suppliers on the market right now are Puritan’s Pride and Vitamin World. Of course, besides their official websites, you can always visit Amazon where you will find the largest variety.


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