How to Start a Small Business as Private Tutor


Tutoring can be profitable, interesting and rewarding self-employment option which allows you to use your teaching skills in more relaxed atmosphere. In Dubai, in particular, education is a big business and private tutors are able to charge very high hourly fees. They also benefit from high demand for private lessons.

Starting a small business as a private tutor takes planning, but requires a low startup cost, so it can prove very successful if done with the proper preparation and a modest marketing skill.

Being a private tutor could be a wonderful job for many people, because it allows more individual communication with the student. It gives you the rewarding feeling of really helping children by assisting them in problematic subjects, or preparing them for college. While there are no specific skill requirements and certifications needed to start a tutoring business, having a college degree in the area you want to specialize will come in really handy. You will need a good understanding of your subject and practical experience will be also very useful. If you have these, but you are still hesitating, you should consider the benefits of this business. It can be entirely operated from your home, your student’s home, or even a public library. Tutoring also allows flexible working hours, although you will have to work during evenings, weekends and school breaks when students are free. Finally, although not very demanding, it is a great opportunity, and instead of business, it can feel more like a hobby.

To get started

Decide the subjects you will offer and the age groups you will tutor. Elementary and middle school subjects are easier to teach, but tutoring younger children can be more time- and patience-consuming, as well as not so profitable. Apart from your own home, you can also work at your student’s home or at public places such as libraries and even parks. Online tutoring services are very convenient as well. While you may not need many tutoring supplies, some textbooks, pens and pencils will be very useful. Apple tablets may be in particular very helpful, because they offer access to a large variety of educational apps mostly free of charge. Make or download from the Internet suitable and flexible curriculum templates, study guides or whatever you will find helpful.


Advertising you home-based business is very important, but you can start with word of mouth advertising among your community – friends, neighbors, family and former colleagues. Write a resume listing the specific subjects you want to tutor, as well as your teaching qualifications. Visit and distribute your brochures at target locations such as local schools, public buildings where students and parents usually go. You should then advertise on the community bulletin boards, and local magazines and newspapers. You probably know at least one or two school teachers, so call them and offer your services as an assisting tutor. Online social networks and community websites are also great places where you can advertise your small business, and you can even make your own blog or website that is optimized for local search.


You can tutor not only children, but also adults in some specific area. This can provide you with additional experience and is most likely to turn out more profitable. Before starting your small business venture you should contact the local authorities to check if you need special permission, insurance or a certificate of some kind. Usually, they do, but many many people in Dubai go without it. Some of the most important requirements for tutoring are patience, enthusiasm and good attitude. If you don’t have time or confidence to teach kids on a full-time basis, you can start with a part-time tutoring business and only a few students to supplement your income. Later, you can set up your own agency and hire people to work in your network. Whatever you decide, as a private tutor, you will be able to choose the rates that you are charging your clients, so your profit will depend solely on you.


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