Hot Fall Trend Alert: Halloween Costumes for Couples


Although Halloween is usually seen as a race or a competition in which everyone is trying to find the perfect costume, it can also be a teamwork experience. This year, one particular trend will be on the rise – Halloween costumes for couples. This may sound strange for some of you, but the result can be very interesting. In addition, it is an opportunity to show each other that you can be a great team. Also, wearing suits that complement each other can be a particularly entertaining sight. Here are some of the hottest Halloween costumes for couples that will be seen this year.

The Movie Duo

Film characters always get extra points at Halloween parties. When they come in two, you get a double fun. The options here are plenty. However, if you do not have any particular ideas, you can dress up like Batman and Catwoman. Even though they are regarded as enemies, sparks are often seen flying between them. But the most classic on-screen couple has got to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone. They are one of the most recognizable and fun TV characters. Therefore, if you have a good sense of humour and some acting talent, make them your top choice.

Sexy Feline Catsuit CostumeAdult Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume

Opposites Attract

Those of you, who are not particularly fond of the idea of showing up looking almost like twins, can rely on another strategy. Select two characters or even objects that are completely different from each other and disguise like them. For instance, one of you can dress like salt, while the other can be the pepper. Also, you can transform into an odd pair of devil and angel. Combine the good and the evil into one in the name of love and Halloween!

Little Red Riding Hood CostumePlus Big Bad Wolf Costume

Spooky Love Affair

If you are keen on being spooky or dark for the holiday, you can dress up like a two pale and hungry vampires. A nice long dress for the lady and a stylish suit with cloak for the gentleman. Put on your fake vampire teeth and suck the life out of the Halloween party!

Deluxe Vampira CostumeAdult Transylvania Vampire Costume

However, without a doubt, the spookiest couple we can think of is Morticia and Gomez Adams. The Adams family is strange and creepy which makes it perfect for Halloween. If you manage to stick to their dark vocabulary and cold-blooded attitude, you will get a few extra points.

Finding one good suit is a hard enough task. Finding two can seem nearly impossible. That is why you should shop from stores which specialize on Halloween products. At you will not only find all of these costumes for couples, but you will even get the chance to browse many others and get them at a good price.


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