Fall in love too fast? Blame it on social media


You may not release it, but every year everyone of us sends hundreds of Facebook messages and Tweets. As a result, communicating and connecting with one another has become easier than ever. According to a recent study, social media also helps us fall in love faster.

A new study conducted by Pixmania has found that today young people find new partners amazingly quickly. The main reason for that is the vast availability of social media platforms.

The study compared trends between young couples and couples over the age of 55. The older couples who participated in the survey stated that it took them an average of two months and a half to become an item. With youngsters, this period is shortened to only 24 days.

According to the study, that is because social media and technology in general give young people more options to court someone. In addition, communication on social networks is more impersonal. As a result, people are les shy and more confident when communicating through the web. In addition, compared to older couples, young lovebirds can now stay in touch almost constantly. They can send each other messages, tweets, emails and texts wherever they are and whenever they want. That allows them to get to know the other person faster. Thus, they get together after a shorter period of time.

The study also listed some interesting statistics. The researchers behind it have estimated the average amount of social media or mobile communication required for a person to fall in love. According to them, an average of 70 Facebook messages, 224 tweets, 37 emails, 163 text messages and 30 phone calls for a person to get head over heels over someone else.

Ironically, this impersonal highly technological contact results in more impersonal breakups. Nearly 30% of the young people today have ended a relationship with a text message.


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