How to Start Reselling on the Internet


Internet reselling is a big business in many parts of the world and the good news is that it will become even bigger with the growth of all online segments. From beauty products and clothing to airline tickets, the opportunities are endless. All you need is a computer and an unfailing Internet connection, and of course, a successful business idea. But for selling and reselling on the Internet, you will also need a clear strategy, knowledge about the market and reliable partners.

Digital and physical items reselling on the Internet can be relatively easy to manage and reasonably profitable, providing you have some skills and budget. You can start by buying and selling little things for some extra cash, but you can also run it as a main source of your income. It depends on how much time you can spend on it and how well you are dealing with the numbers.

It is always better to choose a narrow niche – something that not many people offer and you will have less competition price-wise, at least in your region of operations. Then, it’s time to look for websites which sell merchandise at wholesale prices. The first to checkout are Amazon and AliExpress. You must be certain that after all taxes, shipping costs, or any other expenses you may have, you will still be able to resell your item with a profit. Please note, that imports to Dubai and UAE, in general, also are subject to varying taxes and fast shipping companies as Aramex are more expensive than regular shipping companies.

However, once you find a website offering low prices, you can either buy and resell carrying actual inventory, or act as transactional company. There are online stores as, for example, which allow you to buy and sell even on the same platform. It is easier because you will be able to do everything from a single account. Besides, you can enter your customer’s address and the item will be shipped directly to them.

Another one of these websites is It is a great option for people who take reselling on the Internet seriously, because you can buy from thousands of international sellers and manufacturers and then sell to nearly 8 million customers across the world. You won’t have to worry about finding buyers, advertising and marketing – part of these will be done by the website itself. The website offers wholesale prices, discounts and sales on virtually everything, so you can purchase larger quantities for lower prices, and then make a bigger profit. Of course, be careful at the beginning – don’t spend too much on inventory you are not sure it will sell. Start out slow and safe. Purchase an item, list it as reasonable as possible, but with still with sensible profit for you. Then, focus on products you are familiar with. For example, if you have no clue about small electronics, you won’t even know what price to set. Not to mention that you won’t be able to understand the features and the benefits of what you are selling and then to describe it to your prospective customers.

Therefore, purchasing wholesale goods at AliExpress is a particularly good option. The website has a lot of product categories – apparel and accessories, bags and shoes, jewelry and watches, electronics, beauty and health products, toys, sports and entertainment items, automotive category, video games, phones, computers, and many more. Of course, be aware of the landscape of the market you are entering. Make a research and understand the local demand, competition, prices, and so on. Besides their low prices, the online wholesale retailer also runs daily deals and once you become a regular customer you will learn how to get advantage of it and make even bigger profits. Occasionally, they also offer coupons to regular customers and you may save even more. Once you have received your purchases, you can resell them at a local online marketplace.

Of course, as every beginning, starting a small business by reselling stuff on the Internet it won’t be easy. But if you are consistent, with the time you will start making money. It takes sometime to learn the most successful pats and you may also suffer some losses due to miscalculations, returns or picky customers’ complaints. But eventually, after gaining some experience, you will be able to outline the most successful strategy for you and plan for the season or even for the year ahead. Check the laws and regulations concerning businesses in your region – you will probably need a business license and certain permits if you decide to hire helpers and grow bigger.

To become a reseller, not only on the Internet but even in your local community, you will need a working business plan and marketing strategy. Get professional advice or search the Internet for tips and basics. There are many online guides for small business startups you can use, with the first two of them – the Small Business and Startups columns of the Dubai Chronicle. Once you make these first steps, you will have a better understanding on what you want to do and how to do it, and soon you will be able to make a reasonable profit out of it.


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