Dubai Among World’s Best Dental Tourism Destinations


item_XL_5216760_2034509 You are probably familiar with the term “medical tourism.” If not, we will explain that this is a type of tourism, in which people seek for medical care outside their own healthcare system. Usually, that is done because of the expensive medical services offered in the country. Medical tourism is often accompanied with a vacation at the particular spot. This sector has one interesting subset called dental tourism or dental vacations. Similar to medical tourism, dental tourism combines low-cost healthcare with a holiday. The only difference is that it focuses entirely on dental services.

Quite recently, online dental health magazine World Dental published a ranking of the world’s top 10 dental tourism destinations. UAE’s Dubai also managed to find a place on list. That adds up to the city’s diverse and attractive tourism.

The rest of the entries in the ranking are also popular travel spots with excellent, yet affordable dental care services. Let’s now take a look at the complete list of the world’s best dental tourism destinations.

  • Mexico – The majority of tourists seeking dental care in Mexico come from nearby countries like Canada and even the US. Mexico has more than one hot spot for dental services. However, most preferred are Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, as well as Cancun.
  • Turkey – You will be impressed by the amount of qualified dental practitioners in Turkey. In addition, dental medicine in the country follows the latest and most innovative trends in this medical sector. Nevertheless, the services are more than affordable for their quality.
  • Thailand – Thailand is a well-known dental medicine destination for travelers from Australia, the US, New Zealand and Canada. The reason – the advanced network of hospitals for dental medicine. In fact, the country has one of the most advanced dental hospital networks in the world!
  • Czech Republic – Apart from rich and unique history, the Czech Republic is known for its budget-friendly dental care. Every year, a good number of tourists from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria flock into the country to improve their smiles and enjoy a little break.
  • Spain – Spain has a long history as a dental tourism destination. Currently, it is experiencing some economic difficulties. However, that made dental service prices even cheaper.
  • Dubai (UAE) – According to the ranking, although Dubai is often classified as a luxury travel destination, it offers travelers excellent services on an excellent price. The city as a dental tourism spot is highly appreciated by visitors from the US, the UK, as well as Germany.
  • Poland – Similar to Spain, Poland is a long-established destination for this type of tourism. However, it is more popular among its neighbors, including Austria, Germany, Denmark and Norway.
  • Philippines – Dental care prices are one of the most affordable you will find. Plus, the country is quite exotic from travelers from Australia, Canada and the US.
  • Hungary – This country can be ranked along Turkey with its up-to-date dental professionals and facilities. It welcomes patients from France, Denmark, the UK, Germany, the US and Ireland.
  • Costa Rica – Both dental and medical tourism are popular in Costa Rica. The country’s hospitable people can turn even the most stressful medical procedure into a holiday experience.

So, if you are planning to soon improve that smile of yours, why not combine it with your summer vacation? Sounds unusual, but the ranking clearly shows that it is very popular.


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