MENA Residents Happy with Their Personal Lives But Professionally Unsatisfied


Most of the people who live in MENA countries are satisfied with their personal life, found a new research. However, a big part of them continue to express dissatisfaction in terms of their financial independence, as well as their work.

Life Satisfaction in MENA

According to a study by and YouGov, the population in the MENA region is generally happy with life. The research is called “Happiness and Wellbeing in the MENA” and it examines participants’ satisfaction with various factors like health, employment, financial conditions, political situation, relationships with friends and family and many others.

Overall, MENA residents, who participated in the survey, shared that they are happy with both their physical and mental health. In addition, the majority of them shared that they were really satisfied with their relationship with their relatives and family.

However, the research registered dissatisfaction in some aspects and areas. The biggest problem in the region seems to be employment opportunities and professional development. In all three parts of the region (GCC, North Africa and Levant), residents do not feel financially independent enough. In addition, nearly half of them are not happy with their salary. Also, people in countries like Algeria, Syria, Morocco and Jordan do not believe that they have much chance to advance in their career. Just 15% of all the participants shared that they were extremely satisfied with their personal and professional lives.


One big factor that influences life satisfaction in MENA is stress. About 40% of the people in the region feel stressed on daily basis. The research has found that key contributors for that are the financial and economic conditions in the countries, as well as the rising cost of living. Nevertheless, although stressed, people in MENA are generally happy.

Levant, North Africa and GCC Examined Separately

The study also discovered that the level of happiness differed from one part of the region to another. Most dissatisfied are the people in Levant. The research states that Levant residents are disappointed in nearly all aspects measured by the survey. In North Africa, the main source of dissatisfaction is public transport facilities, general infrastructure, entertainment options and socializing.

Happiest are the GCC countries. They are satisfied with nearly every aspect included in the study. There are only two exceptions – employment opportunities and cost of living. Despite that, both of them are also common for the entire MENA region and not only GCC nations.

Happiness in the UAE

The “Happiness and Wellbeing” report concluded that the United Arab Emirates is one of the happiest countries in MENA. According to the research, that is due to the fact that UAE residents enjoy a more stable political environment, as well as security. The country also took the first place for satisfaction in categories like access to healthcare facilities, general infrastructure and availability of public utilities. In addition, more than 73% of the UAE respondents have claimed that they feel in excellent health.

Still, residents of the United Arab Emirates are also exposed to a lot of stress. The main source is the constantly rising cost of living in the country and people’s inability to balance their personal and professional lives.


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