Dubai Airports to Reduce Carbon Emissions with a New Concourse


Dubai Airports announced that it will join the efforts of the global aviation sector which aim at limiting the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. That will happen with the opening of Concourse D. The facility is said to be very sustainable and energy efficient.

The new construction will be used by over 100 airlines. By following various green initiatives, the facility will have many environmentally friendly qualities. Among the initiatives are application of renewable energy, recycling programs and recycled building materials, Moreover, these initiatives will be adopted even before the building is launched. Dubai Airports plans to follow them implements them even during the construction works.

According to Paul Griffiths, Dubai Airports CEO, an important step to decreasing and limiting the carbon emissions is the creation of new eco-friendly terminals. The company’s goal is to popularize environmental, healthy, reliable and low-cost construction and design practices, as well as operation. In addition, Griffiths states that Dubai Airports want to offer passengers a choice to travel more sustainably.

Among the key green initiatives are also making a better and improved insulation, following green design, solar panels, as well as special strategy for the building materials which will be used in the construction of the facility.

Dubai Airports will mainly rely on recycled materials in the building process. Also, it will use materials that can be found and provided in the area of Dubai. Materials based on wood will need to be certified in accordance to the criteria and principles of Forest Stewardship Councils.

Concourse D will have a new-generation insulation that will offer better temperature regulation within the building. It will be combined with a thermal technology that will collect sunlight during the date and emit it in the night.

The facility’s design will stand out with the fact that it will not rely much on heat-intensive lighting. Instead, it will integrate daylight sensors. In that way, the construction will become very energy-efficient.

Also, Concourse D will have nearly 200 solar panels installed on its roof. Their task will be to create power and cool off the building by reflecting sunlight.

Dubai Airlines shares that with this project the company will show its support for the industry’s initiative to reduce the carbon footprint by 2020. Interestingly, however, the green initiatives are clearly not focused only on carbon emissions, but on eco-friendly lifestyle in general.

Preservation of the natural environment is now gaining more popularity in Dubai. A few weeks ago, Dubai’s The Chance Initiative was announced as the world’s most sustainable building, while DEWA (the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), started a new green initiative called “Green Procurement Programme.”


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