First ever Iphone/Ipad App development course for Teens in Dubai


The benefits of being multilingual are many. Learning a foreign language creates neural pathways in the brain which makes people think more efficiently, and what better time to start learning a foreign language than at an early age. Creative courses such as arts and crafts are also found to stimulate concentration and perseverance in children, so this summer Eton Institute is offering you a combination of both.

Eton Institute, the UAE’s largest language training and professional development centre, is offering a language course combined with something creative. Kids aged 5 – 11 years can learn one of six languages (English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish and Italian) combined with an Arts and Crafts Course and teenagers aged 12 – 16 years can combine their language with an iPhone/iPad apps development course, the first of its kind in the UAE for teens.

“Recently, headlines were made by a 17 year old kid who sold an app he had developed for $30 million. This shows how competitive and accessible the world has become. In such times it is imperative that children are equipped with the right skills that will help them make the most of the opportunities that the world now presents. We are excited to launch special Arts and Crafts and App development course with our languages this summer, giving families that something extra,”, commented Moaz Khan, Marketing Director at Eton Institute.

The language courses are taught by highly qualified, native speakers who make language learning fun and easy. The Kids and Teens courses are scheduled to start on the 9th of June for children between the ages of 5 – 16 years and will continue till the 22nd of August. They are conveniently available in both morning and afternoon timings.


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