How to Start a Small Business – Fitness Instructor


GFI_mainIf you want to start your small business as a fitness instructor, you need to prepare for a long journey. Founding the business is not the rough part here. It is the huge competition that makes things so difficult. The truth is that the fitness market today is more than big. There are many people who already work as fitness instructors or run their own fitness centers. However, that does not mean that you should give up so easily, especially if you believe that you have all it takes. Here are some of the essentials in starting a small business as a fitness trainer.

Get Certified

In order to open fitness business you need to get various certificates and qualifications. Probably the most important of them are the certifications in CPR and First Aid. Many organizations, colleges and universities offer courses in that so you are not likely to have any problems here. Even though most countries will allow you to practice this profession without a degree in it, we advise you to sign into a training class. That will give you an advantage on the highly competitive market.


Fitness training is often accompanied by injuries. When a customer ends up with an injury you can get sued. To avoid that, purchase insurance. It will save you a lot of troubles, trust us.

Where to Work

As a professional fitness trainer, you have a few options. The first of them is to open a fitness center. That, however, will cost you a huge amount of money. Just imagine how much you will need to pay for the equipment or spend on salaries and rents. Another thing you can do is join an already existing fitness center. The downside here is that your status of a business owner may change to a regular employee. Possibly the best option you have is to become a personal fitness instructor. That will give you more freedom and independence.

What Clients to Work with

Try to specialize into a particular field or group of clients. For instance, decide whether you want to work with professional athletes or enthusiasts. Also, you can focus on a certain group age. That can be very rewarding since not many trainers do that. You can work with elderly people or even with children. A popular sphere for fitness instructors is physiotherapy, but that may require you to take a few more certifications.

Offer More than Fitness Training

As it was already stated, the fitness industry is quite overcrowded. Therefore, if you want to survive in it, you will need to offer your clients more than fitness training. Get to know the basics in nutrition and weight loss, for example. Give your customers advice on other fitness-related topics and you will quickly stand out from all the rest.

Market Your Skills

You can advertise your business in the local papers or through fliers. Also, try out more modern platforms like social media, websites and blogs. If you are not certain how to do that, make a small web research and see how your rivals practice it.

Fitness training requires a lot of determination, will, inner strength and passion. If you put all these things into your small business, it will thrive even on an overcrowded market.


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