App Developers in High Demand


It seems that app developers are some of the most courted and valued professionals today. Technology giants constantly try to lure them with special offers to power up their ecosystems and impress more consumers. Microsoft and Apple lead the market.

Windows Apps Store As a start, back in March, Microsoft Corp. announced that it will reward developers who create new and unique applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone with a cash price starting at $100 and reaching up to $1000. The goal of this campaign of the Microsoft was to add another 10,000 fresh apps to its online stores.

Later during the same month, the giant revealed the schedule for its 2013 annual Build Conference which is again focuses on developers. On March 27th, the company informed that the conference will take place on June 26-28. In addition, it stated that the main topics at the event will revolve around some of Microsoft’s main products like Windows, Windows Azure, Windows Server, as well as Visual Studio. The software giant also offered special discounts on tickets for those who purchase them early.

So far, so good! Nothing unusual on the horizon. The application competition and the conference seem like two natural steps in Microsoft’s campaign to expand, popularize and diversify its app stores’ catalogues. Also, this is not the first time in which the company attempts to attract more developers on its side. This strategy seems to be working really good since for only a few months the Windows 8 Store reached over 60,000 applications. Where are we getting at?

Well, apparently Apple has also recognized the importance of developers in the modern mobile world. iPhone’s manufacturer decided to announced the dates for the this year’s edition of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. What is interesting here is that the company has scheduled WDC 2013 ahead of Microsoft’s Build. Although Apple announced the dates for its developers’ conference a months after Microsoft, it has chosen to hold it on June 10-14. That is about two weeks before its competitor’s event. This shows that the smartphone war is spreading at all levels now and its next target are developers.

Moreover, similar to Microsoft, Apple Inc. will also offer rewards for iOS developers. The company will give scholarships to student developers. These scholarships will basically entitle students to one free ticket for WDC 2013. That is somewhat equal to a cash prize since the tickets of this year’s Apple developer conference will cost nearly $1,600 per person.

Therefore, it seems that even though Microsoft came in the app store world after Apple, the iPhone company has decided to follow a strategy not much different than that of its new competitor on the application market.


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