Best Paid Jobs in 2013


Openings at $75K to $500K+
The job market and the level of average salary are changing in correspondence of the changes in the global economy setup. That is due to the fact that the demand for particular industries tends to vary from year to year. The same goes for 2013. According to a research made by Career Bliss, this year, the best paid jobs include senior positions, high qualifications or a lot of experience. If you are planning to change your career, you may consider some of the following options:

Senior Project Manager – In the range of $100,000 and above
The market of project managing is witnessing and unseen rise. Real estate attracts revived interests from investors and in turn construction companies have more projects, which in turn need more projects managers. Professionals in the field are among the most demanded ones. However, the position requires professional skills and experience. In addition, this job is definitely not an easy one to do.

Senior Consultant – In the range of $100,000
Senior consultants can be found in nearly every sector – from finance to biotechnology. The things in which you need to excel to qualify for this job are communication skills, analysis skills, as well as duty problem solving skills. Also, the majority of these professionals have MBAs.

Director of Sales – Bellow $92,000
Those of you who want to become directors of sales need to have plenty of knowledge on SEO, online marketing and they must have experience in meeting sales goals. This position is a must in any big company that wants to have good profits. Your main task will be to create and implement sales strategies for services and products.

Senior Software Engineer – In the range of $90,000
These professionals are like walking books on software engineering and they are highly skilled in various things like logic programming, JAVA programming and program analysis.

Program Manager – Bellow $88,000
The job of program manager is not for everyone, and this is why it is listed among the best paid jobs for 2013. Even though it requires project management skills, many project managers have difficulties working on his position. That is because the job of program manager also demands organizational skills, programming skills and experience.

Regional Sales Manager – Below $85,000
As you can see by the title of this job, regional sales managers have the challenging task of managing a whole region of sales people. To be good in this profession, one needs to be more than familiar with sales strategies, customer base, as well as the technical part in sales. In addition, we should not forget leadership skills aside since they will be vital in directing so many people.

Director of Operations – In the range of $80,000
This profession manages business matters, operations and daily activities of firms in the private or the public sector. Similar to regional sales managers, the director of operations needs to have good leadership qualities, business judgment, confidence, technical and analytical skills.

Product Manager – In the rang of $80,000
These are the people who take the charge when it comes to introducing or promoting services and products to the consumers. He heads and manages advertising teams and has a lot of experience in advertising. Product managers need to be communicative, attentive to details, as well as to be able to make an advertising plan. The educational minimum here is a bachelors degree.

Controller – In the range of $80,000
Controllers deal with different accounting jobs. However, their main task is to protect the company’s assets and to manage its financial risk exposure. The required skills here are auditing, variances analyzing and internal controls monitoring.

Director of Marketing – In the range of $75,000
Among the main responsibilities of directors of marketing is to research the market, plan advertising campaigns, create pricing strategies and to negotiate advertising contracts. That includes many deadlines, SEO, marketing planning, creativity and writing skills.


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