Underlooked but essential lesson in education for Dubai’s parents and educators


The Independent Schools Show has showcased the best of UK private education for the last seven years.

Right now the exhibition is running in Dubai, on the mezzanine floor of the Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina. The event is a worth visiting for UAE-based parents and educators, as it offers an opportunity to get in touch with a wealth of experience in the field of private high quality education.

Parents can meet up face to face with headmasters and admission officers of well-established and world-wide recognised top-ranked private schools in the United Kingdom. So high-graded private schools are not yet available in Dubai and the wider UAE. The top achievement of a Dubai-based private school in IB, for example, is 33 points, while most of the UK-based private schools attending the Independent Schools Show score between 37 and 40+ points.

Many parents in Dubai are considering themselves as sophisticated and have a passion for education, while children are eager to learn and often multi-lingual. The largely transient population, mean that families look towards more stable education for their children, both in terms of syllabus and friends.

British education is still considered the best along the American one, in terms of equipping young adults with the tools for an increasingly globalised and competitive world. Moreover, over one third (54) of the private schools in Dubai follow British curriculum, which would make a transition from Dubai-based British school to a UK-based private school easier for prospective students.

This event in Dubai allows parents to look beyond the league tables and consider the right schools for their children. The participating schools are the best the UK has to offer. The present schools include some the most famous of the “traditional” co-educational and single sex schools from across the United Kingdom. We were very much impressed by King’s Canterbury and Trent College educators yesterday and highly recommend them.

During the Independent Schools Show in Dubai, parents and students are offered a chance to talk with the experts in UK private education and learn about every aspect of Independent British Boarding has to offer. Feel free to ask questions of any kind.

Admission to the Independent Schools Show is free of charge and the opening hours are from 11am to 19pm. The hotel even offers a complimentary valet parking.


  1. The comment that the highest score attained by Dubai based IB schools is incorrect. Dubai International Academy has consistently achieved results of 40+ for the last few years. Other IB schools also have achieved results above 36. All this information is posted on the respective school websites.

  2. Thank you for your comment, we have not found any substantial evidence to prove the high IB achievements. If you have the right links, please kindly provide it here.


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