Dubai Land Department Introduces 1st Regional Sustainable Real Estate Conference


The Government of Dubai Land Department ( LD ) in cooperation with the Arab League (AL) is set to organise the Arab International Sustainable Real Estate Conference on the 1st and 2nd of May in Dubai. The conference is the first of its kind in the region and it comes to reflect the national initiative introduced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai: “Green Economy for Sustainable Development”, in the framework of a national strategy to build a greener economy on the long run in the UAE.

The Sustainable Real Estate Conference is sponsored by Diamond Developers while Falcon City of Wonders is a strategic partner. It is being held in conjunction with the 3rd Edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and hosted by the Ministry of Economy, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center and in parallel with the International Property Show 2013 (IPS) held on April 30 – May 2 in Dubai; which the LD participates in and supports.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Land Department said “the importance of the conference lies in the professional debates by dozens of experts participating in the conference, which will focus on the three dimensions of sustainability (ecological, social and economic).”

Bin Mejren noted that the Land Department has taken it upon itself to address issues related to sustainability in the real estate sector and to come forth with leading initiatives as the Department considers sustainability as one of its priorities. The LD keeps pace with global developments and trends and, in accordance with the long term strategy and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, the LD draws a roadmap to launch initiatives to achieve sustainability in the real estate sector.

He pointed out that the conference will highlight important issues on how to relate the property market with modern sustainability requirements, and how to develop strategies inspired by past experiences to meet with current challenges.

The Director General of the Land Department hailed the Arab League’s efforts and its constructive cooperation with LD to achieve the objectives of this conference. “Organising the first edition of this conference in Dubai is based on AL’s belief in Dubai and its ability to meet the requirements of real estate sustainability and its role in promoting such concepts in Arab real estate markets.” Said bin Mejren.

Dr. Refat Al Faouri, Director General of the Arab Administrative Development Organisation (ARADO), working under the umbrella of the Arab League, said that the Land Department is the first official entity in the Arab world to address the challenges of real estate sustainability in a professional and impressive manner. “The property sector in the Arab world lacks sustainability practices, which are common practices in the international markets.” Commented Al Faouri.

“Hosting this conference in Dubai reflects its position as a centre for promoting sustainability concepts and will help in educating professionals working in this sector,” he says.

“The conference will not only be limited to theories but will showcase leading practices of real estate sustainability in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Details of Dubai Sustainable City will be revealed during the event and we anticipate the remarkable success of this project and its role in positioning Dubai as an active player in real estate sustainability.” Noted Al Faouri.

On her part, Majida Ali Rashid, Chairwoman of the LD ‘s Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre, said: “The Sustainable Real Estate Conference is the result of rapid interaction and response to the national initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum under the slogan “A green economy for sustainable development.”

She stressed that the sessions at the conference will explore the best ways to achieve global leadership in real estate sustainability. The UAE’s green economy initiative announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is aimed at transforming the UAE into one of the world leaders and a centre for the export and re-export of green products and technologies, and to maintain a sustainable environment to support long-term economic growth.

The initiative includes various programmes and policies in the areas of energy, agriculture, investment and sustainable transport, in addition to new environmental and construction policies that aim to raise the quality of life in the UAE.

She went on to say that a group of experts and specialists from the UAE, Arab World and abroad will take part in the event. “This is a unique opportunity to educate the societies in this region and businessmen working in property development regarding the transition towards sustainable real estate to ensure the safety of the community, protect the environment and improve and develop professional and economic practices through rationalisation and wise use of natural resources.”

The Chairwoman of the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre noted that the four sessions of this conference will give way for discussions regarding the state of property development today and in the future and whether sustainability and social responsibilities are key elements in enhancing competition and the state of the sustainable real estate investments.

Engineer Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers, said: “Dubai opens the door for creative concepts and successful models and experiences.” He expressed confidence in the success of the Dubai Sustainable City project, “which is becoming a reality thanks to the unprecedented support from the Government of Dubai Land Department .”

Salem Al Moosa, Chairman and CEO of UAE’s Falcon City of Wonders – the strategic partner of the conference, considered the Sustainable Real Estate Conference as one of the most important real estate conferences for all stakeholders as it embodies the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to build “green economy for sustainable development”.

“We are excited to be a part of this conference and our cooperation with the Dubai Land Department is part of our drive to support the general interests of the government, private sector and investors as well,” says Al Moosa.

Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO of Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions, said, “Organising the first edition of the Arab International Sustainable Real Estate Conference in Dubai comes in line with the leading role played by the UAE in terms of preserving the environment.”

He added that sustainability in general and in real estate in particular has become an urgent necessity, and that international practices and Dubai was effectively engaged in this drive through initiatives and legislations to achieve the common international objectives to reduce waste of resources and adopt environment-friendly lifestyles.

He pointed out that the conference is held with the participation of international pioneers and experts aimed at enhancing knowledge regarding sustainable real estate. “It will review best practices and address challenges facing property development. The conference is a platform for all relevant parties to exchange real estate expertise and build partnerships in sustainable development in accordance with the best international practices and regulations. The conference will surely help in promoting sustainability generally and in the real estate sector in particular.” Al Shezawi concluded.


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