One More Expo of Top British Schools will come to Dubai in April


A very few Emiratis and a lot of British families who have settled in Dubai send their children to study abroad, often in private schools in UK and the U.S. Finding the best education option for your child and budget is expensive and time-consuming task, but parents will soon have one more opportunity to discus perspectives with educators from some of the top British schools during Dubai Independent Schools Show 2013.

The exhibition would become the third of this kind for us to visit here in Dubai since the beginning of 2013. It seems, now with the recession in full swing in Europe and the United Kingdom, British schools are very much interested to attract foreign students. Most of them, of course, would become borderers and this means a solid income for the school. Boarding school fees in the UK range from 150,000 Dhs to 200,000 Dhs for senior students. Parents of foreign students and natives coming from abroad, usually have to pay higher tuition fees. Most of the 350 UK-based boarding schools accommodate on average between 10% to 20% of foreign students, according to our research.

The Independent Schools Show has been a helpful tool for thousands of parents in England who search for the best school option for their children. Being a major exhibition for UK private education for seven years now, the Show is now exhibiting for the first time abroad, especially for Dubai-based families between April 28 and April 29, 2013. The event will be held at Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina opening at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday and ending at 5.00 p.m. on Sunday and will host exhibitions from twenty prestigious schools from UK.

Independent Schools Show Dubai 2013 (ISS) is great chance for parents in Dubai and from UAE to find the best-fitting educational option for their child. There they would be able to compare the different types of schools – how they work, what they offer and mostly, whether they are the right match for their children’s abilities and interests. Twenty prestigious boarding schools will be showcased, including traditional co-educational schools, The King’s School Canterbury, Wellington College, Marlborough College and the more unusual Bedales School. Of course, the boys-only Abingdon School and the one of the best schools for girls, Godolphin School will also be featured. The ISS Dubai 2013 will be of great advantage for parents, because it meets them with some of UK’s best schools and the world’s best educational consultants, according to the organizers. The direct communication between parents and schools’ stuff can guarantee the finding of the perfect school for every child.

Founder and Director of ISS, David Wellesley commented to the media that the event will be targeting mostly British families who live in Dubai or UAE and could not afford to make a journey to UK and back. Being abroad and looking for the right school, of course, is very stressful, so the show aims to help with various options, professional advice and communication. During the two-day event, educational experts and consultants, as well as schools’ staff will meet parents and visitors and answer all questions related to admission procedures, tuition fees, scholarships, day and boarding school options and many others.

So far, in Dubai there are 54 British schools that offer different quality of education. Most of these schools are very expensive. Earlier in the year, we published a few articles about the cost of education in the United Kingdom.

Although, the education private schools in Dubai provide is still bellow the international average, according to a press release issued by the local regulator, to send a student abroad is a huge financial and emotional commitment. A widespread belief that Middle Eastern parents have excessive income drives the most expensive private schools to the region on the search for prospective students. However, moving to another for the purpose of better education may not be suitable for every student’s needs and character. Parents should consider many factors before taking final decisions.


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