Small profitable business in Dubai is not that hard to find


Dubai is one of the best places to start your own business. That is mainly because the city has become a business hub not only for the UAE, but also for a large number of nations worldwide. Many foreigners invest the region and start their own companies. You can get business licensing pretty quickly, although not very cheaply. Also, the city’s administration is very encouraging when it comes to new business opportunities and entrepreneurs.

Small and startup business trends in Dubai, however, tend to vary from year to year. If you are considering starting your own small business, you need to be well informed about the most profitable types of startups in Dubai. We offer you the top five of them.

Coffee and Café Business – Many people in Dubai like to socialize in cafes or coffee shops. In addition, there is a global boom in that business. Last year, when coffee prices fell with more than 30%, many decided to take the chance and open their own coffee startup business. Coffee prices may be dropping, but the demand for it is ever rising. Therefore, you still have a chance to find your place in the market. Here’s a little trick – open your shop near a popular mall or other facility. Select a busy location for your coffee business if you can afford it. Otherwise, you will have to run many tailor-made events and find a niche to cover.


Beauty Business – This business is ever thriving in Dubai. However, the competition in the sector is extremely fierce. The reason is that many hotels and resorts opened large and wel-equipped spas, fitness or beauty lounge centers. That is why you need to offer something new on the table. Try to come up with a unique concept for your beauty business and attract clients with special promotions and deals. Also, you may consider selling beauty products in your salon or center. That will keep your business going until you attract more customers. Maintaining an average prices will be in your advantage.


Home Healthcare Business – Medical professions are among the highest paid ones in the City of Gold. Also, Dubai is open to medical professionals from foreign countries. But the best medical business opportunity continues to be home healthcare. That is due to the fact that the competition is minor, while the business allows a big flexibility and it is very profitable. The best thing about it is that you can focus on a particular group of patients. For example, you can choose to work only with babies, children, elderly people or simply those in need of physical therapy.

An interior render of Emaar Healthcare's Downtown Burj Dubai Medical Centre

Education and Training Business – A big part of the population in the UAE is young-aged. That is why education is a big business in the country. In addition, training and tutoring services are very well-paid in Dubai. You only need to be highly qualified and have some experience. You don’t need to open an entire school or training center. Start small. For instance, offer private lessons or small-class tutoring. You can also follow the latest trend in tutoring – online classes. That will save you a lot of time and also it will enable you to work with more people from your home. Don’t be greedy as most of the educators around. Offer quality and dedication and your students will multiply in no time.

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  1. Dubai has a long way to go before it can be the best for business! I wanted to start a mobile car detailing business and invested usd 80,000 in license, office( which i didnt need as we are mobile service but you have to rent one!) local sponsor, trade license, all government fees etc etc. i was issued a license so i purchased the vehicles and equipment at the same time we submitted employess visa apllications. We were then told by the Labour ministry that they dont issue visas for this license and has been blocked for the past 6 years! So they accepted all my fees etc for 2+ months set up and nobody told me the activity is
    Blocked. It was an expensive lesson!

    Secondly i wanted to start a personal swimming lessons company where the instructors visit the customer at their homes and teach personal 1-on-1 lessons. Suprise suprise it isnt allowed in Dubai as you have to have a Pool location so the customer has to come to you. My whole concept was to create something new to the UAE but its so far behind for Small business opportunities.

    Now im currently working on my third and final attempt at success in Dubai. Be careful before starting new concepts here.

    British expat


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