Amazon Introduces Amazon Coins


Amazon announced that it will soon launch a new virtual currency called Amazon Coins. With the new currency, consumers will be able to buy games, in-app items on Kindle Fire, as well as applications.

vday-e-ink-email-teblet-promo-stripe Amazon Coins was developed to make app purchases easier for Kindle Fire users. The company hopes that the new currency will popularize its Amazon Appstore, as well as the applications of the developers that offer products on the online store. Developers can learn more about Amazon Coins today at

Amazon will offer its users Amazon Coins worth tens of millions of dollars. Amazon consumers will be able use them to buy developers’ applications from the company’s own app store. Developers, who have not put their games and apps on Amazon but want to join this service, need to submit their products by April 25th. By that time, Amazon will have finished its work on the new service.

It is reported that Amazon Coins will not decrease the developer’s profits. The famous online retailer states that developers will continue to receive 70% of the revenue from their sold apps and games.

It seems that Amazon’s Appstore is enjoying a huge popularity among developers in comparison to other online store platforms. In addition, the average revenue per user on Amazon is higher compared to the popular Android devices, for example. That is why Amazon decided to create a virtual currency that will reach and attract more consumers.

However, Amazon Coins will not be beneficial only for developers. It will be also very useful to Kindle Fire owners. Kindle Fire lovers will now be able to download and use applications and games faster and easier than ever before. In addition, users will be able to purchase more Amazon Coins through their personal accounts on Amazon.

Amazon is already enjoying a huge success on the mobile tech market. Now, with the introduction of Amazon Coins, the giant will become a well-established name in the mobile app business. The service is very innovative and it is a perfect addition to its diverse ecosystem.

More Amazon News

Apart from the virtual currency, Amazon will launch many new game and app features and services in the near future. One of them is Game Circle. It will offer many different capabilities like Leaderboards, Whispersync, Achievements and friends. With it, users will be able to synchronize games across all of their devices.

Another new service by Amazon is Game Connect and it is design to help developers. They can use it to deliver virtual goods straight to the game accounts of their clients.

Developer will soon be able to use even more new services, plug-ins and extensions like A/B Testing, Adobe AIR Native Extensions and Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin (beta). All of them will focus on making developers’ work easier and more profitable.

Developers can get started at the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal (


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