Companies Living in the Cloud – What are the Risks?


The unstable economy made many companies look for new low-cost and yet effective solutions. Cloud services seemed to be the closest thing to that. As a result, many companies moved to cloud computing hoping to cut down their IT spending.

Although cloud services require lower budget than anything else, they also hide their risks. If you are planning to join the cloud world, you should first familiarize yourself with the service.

How Much is Too Much?

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Moving your company to the cloud is great. However, is there any limit? Many business owners believe that they will reduce their expenditures if they transfer their telephone systems to the cloud world. In that way, services will be used via VoIP or public networks and there will be no carrier connection. The result of that would be no huge spending on phone systems. At first sight, this idea seems more than great. However, think what will happen if the VoIP experiences some issue. Then all of your calls and information will fade into thin air. As you can probably imagine, to fix a problem of this size would require a lot of money, especially for those businesses that revolve around phone services.

The Alternatives

To avoid that, you can buy your very own private cloud. Nevertheless, that will require a massive investment because you will first need to have the cloud developed and then maintained. Simply said, private clouds will work better only for bigger companies.

You can try with a hybrid alternative of the cloud that combines private and public networks. In addition, hybrid clouds are more affordable. There are provided to companies by special vendors. However, you need to be very careful with that. Vendors offer different equipment options. Some allow you to keep it for free, while others will want a monthly fee for it. So try to find the best offer possible.

Date Storing Problem

Companies that deal with lots of data want to find a place to store them, since their amount never stops to grow. These are, for example, financial institutions which are required to preserve all the information they accumulate for a certain period of time. That is very pricey to do and some now turn to cloud services for help. However, like most things in the world, clouds also have their limits. Their storage capacity has its boundaries.

Connecting with the Cloud

If you want to use cloud services in your business, you should consider how to connect with them. A number of cloud providers connect their users thorough an ISP (Internet service provider) partner. That also costs money. However, most companies are already using other ISP services and cannot switch to new ones before their contract to expire. Of course, you can find cloud providers that will allow you to use your own ISP, but they will impose you an additional monthly fee for that.

Bottom Line

If you think about it, you will see that most things in life carry risks. Clouds are no different. But if make a good research and read your contract carefully, you are not likely to have any problems. In fact, you will be able to reduce your costs and work more productively than ever before.


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