What Food Should You Consume on a Plane?


Although planes can get you from point A to point B faster than any other method of transport, flying is not really a pleasant experience most of the time. Sitting in one place for hours can make you feel bored to death. However, it can also affect your health and general condition. For example, a long flight will make a traveler feel tired, bloated or even airsick. That is why it is important to pay more attention to the food you consume while you are on board.

Ginger for Travel Sickness

Ginger is a good way to fight any sort of travel sickness. So if you are afraid that you may feel sick, ask your flight attendant for a ginger ale. Also, ginger is a common ingredient in many Asian dishes.

Vitamin B, Water and Celery for Stress and Anxiety

Flying makes you nervous? No problem! Simply get some Vitamin B into your system. Also, eat some celery to feel more relaxed. This vegetable will quickly calm your central nervous system. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. If you are hydrated, you are less likely to suffer from headaches, anxiety or irritability. However, this is not the case with alcohol. Alcoholic beverages will only make matters worse.

Protein for Jet Lag

To reduce the jet lag effect, consume more protein before and during the flight. However, don’t get carried away. Have a snack not a feast. Otherwise, the result may be the opposite of what you want. Proteins can be found in eggs, tuna and chicken, for example.

Chili, Meat, Zinc, Fruit and Vegetables for Fatigue

If have an important meeting right after you land and you want to boost up you energy, then again protein will help you. However, this time go for food with high protein levels like meat. It is better if you consume it with vegetables or fruits. This combination is found to improve your intellectual and brain activity. Also, if you can’t get a wink, then try eating some chilli. That will quickly put you to sleep and you will be fresher when you land.

Pineapple, Potatoes, Fish and Tumerick for Indigestion

Traveling in general has a negative effect on people’s digestion. Potatoes, pineapples, fish and turmerick all contain important compounds and enzymes that help regulating your stomach. They will make meat easier to digest and you won’t feel like a big bloated fish when you get off board.

No matter whether you travel frequently by plane or not, try to stick to this menu if you want to feel fresh and energized when you touch the ground!


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