Five 2013 Trends in Advertising You Should Follow


The advertising industry is evolving faster than you can follow. That means that only those who are innovative enough will keep their heads over the water. In 2012, the advertisement sector started to rely more on things like hashtag targeting and news readers. These are some of the essential trends predicted to develop in the industry this year:

Multichannel Advertising

Today, people don’t use only one tech device. Now they work with computers, smartphones, tablets and TV all together on a daily basis. Moreover, they often use them at the same time. Many consumers share than they watch TV while they are on their computer, tablet or phone. Advertisers will use this to their advantage. They will create cross-channel campaigns in an attempt to reach more people.

More Mergers

The online advertisement sector is flooded with advertisers. Therefore, mergers are expected to happen sooner or later. In that way companies will try to offer more interesting ideas. Also, advertisers will merge with other companies which can provide them with all the necessary technology. As a result, advertisers won’t need to spend money developing their own platforms.

Companies Offering ROI Will Have a Leading Position

In this industry, collecting data is important but it is not enough. Agencies need to know how to use it. In 2013, advertisers that have or have the capacity to develop technologies that can put the statistics into practice will be more successful than the others. Good data providers that you can use even free of charge are Google Analytics and Alexa.

Better Mobile Interface = Better Online Experience

The rising polarity of mobile devices is also affecting the ad sector. More and more companies are entering the mobile world. This year, it is predicted that advertisers will show more creativity with their mobile ads.


  1. Mobile is certainly the big focus in 2013 especially as it relates to SEO however conversion is still an issue as most websites (especially SMBs don’t have a mobile version of their website yet.


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