Entrepreneurs: How to define the idea for a successful business


Everyone needs to be more or less an entrepreneur or at least develop entrepreneurial-type thinking and action. This is essential rule for success in the years ahead, given what is happening in the economy. Virutally no one’s job is safe.

However, many people strongly want to be entrepreneurs without having the idea what exactly they can do or create. In this case, many people begin is by asking themselves “what am I good at?” And they go from there, figuring they will either start a company that capitalizes on their strengths, or they will work as a consultant to someone who needs those skills, or they will eventually be hired full-time by a corporation that needs their expertise.

Knowing who you are, who you know, and what resources you have at present is a very good thing. However, the very best first step is to ask yourself “what do I actually care about?”

It’s pretty obvious. Desire motivates you to act. It makes you persist when you encounter obstacles. And it urges you to be more innovative. In a way, it conditions the grounds for you to create an idea.

You always know what you care about. Just ask yourself and write it down! This is rarely couched within the specifications of a particular job. It is also uncommon that the answer describes perfectly the company you want to start. But, if you honestly reflect, you will always have an answer. The answer should look like that “My favorite thing in the world is learning new things and spreading my knowledge” or “I really enjoy fine objects and want to be surrounded by such in my daily life.”

Your personal desires will break down into two types. There are those things that we can call “Ultimate” desires – you just want this and you feel that this is your purpose in life. The defining characteristic is that you actually care about “it.” It can sound like this: “I have to be a fashion designer or I am going to be absolutely miserable.”

When you have an ultimate desire, you already have the first idea. The next thing you are looking for is how to do it. What you have to consider is a reasonably low cost next step within your means at the time to make it a reality.

So, first define what you like to do and then how you can do that! This is not easy, but you can start by developing the next step. You have to figure out how to get moving.


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