Positive Thinking a Key to Weight Loss Success


There are many factors to a successive weight loss, but positive thinking and self-esteem is the first thing everyone who wants to lose weight should possess. Women who have a positive attitude to the world and themselves are more likely to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle than those who have more pessimistic view.

Attitude is very important, but often not appreciated. It is said “We are what we eat”, but in addition we can say “We become what we think”. When it comes to a diet or a fitness plan people get nervous, over worrying, and eventually depressive. It is difficult to stick to a diet plan, to say goodbye to foods you love, and to change your entire lifestyle. But worrying too much about the results won’t help you, just the opposite; it can even make it worse.

Thoughts and emotions always affect the body, a fact known for years. Negative attitude, stress, fear, worry, excitement and anger hurt the body, by making it releasing toxins into the blood stream. On the other hand, positive thinking, love, confidence and happiness strengthen and vitalize the body, even heal it to a certain point. So when starting a diet, or should we say, change the way we eat, positive attitude should be the first thing we teach ourselves. There are many meditational and behavior practices in all cultures and religions that can teach the brain how to think. Although modern people rarely find time and reason to consider their attitude and realize their emotions and thoughts, modern science tells us to do so. Instead of fighting with your discouragement and anger, scientists say developing a willingness and enthusiasm is a better strategy.

A recent study interviewed 1,000 women who were trying to lose weight. Half of them had positive thinking and attitude to their weight loss efforts. According to the results, this half was more likely to stick on a diet and maintain the lost pounds than those who were discouraged and depressed. Only one in five of the positive thinkers admitted it was hard for them to be persistent on the diet.

It becomes clear that positive attitude and confidence affect every aspect of life, including weight loss programs and diets. If a person starts a diet in order to feel slim and confident and achieve happiness through them, all efforts are pointless. Only when the individual is positive and starts everything with a smile, the result will be satisfying.


  1. It’s not bad but I think this is misleading. Pretty much agree with what NeatBodies wrote in their weight loss book:
    Losing weight is all about a sequence of biological reactions:

    1. Creating the right metabolic state.
    2. Spiking Muscle Insulin Sensitivity.
    3. Depleting Glycogen
    4. Breaking Fat
    5. Burning broken fat.
    The better you trigger them in order, the more fat you are going to lose.

    It’s a good read if you have 30 minutes to spare and are serious about results.


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