Facebook Introduces 2012 Year in Review


The year is almost over and 2013 is already looming on the horizon. Facebook introduced a new feature called 2012 Year in Review. With it FB lovers can look back at the past year and see their biggest highlight moments from 2012.

The new service was introduced just a few hours ago. Now users can again see the most existing events which marked their lives over the last 12 months. Anyone with a Facebook account can do that by going to facebook.com/yearinreview. There users will receive a review of his/her 20 best moments which were shared on Facebook in 2012 like popular stories, life events and highlighted posts. Also, the service will estimate the number of people you added as FB friends over the past one year.

Facebook also posted its own Year in Review statistics. In it the social platform revealed the events, songs, technological devices, films and people which were most shared on the site. In that way, Facebook makes a sum-up of 2012.

According to review of the social network, the most popular movie on Facebook over the past year was The Hunger Games. The film also took the first spot in the books category. Another book that was very discussed on the website in 2012 was Fifty Shades of Gray. On the movies list the second place is occupied by the hit production The Avengers.

Contrary to the expectations, the most popular music track on Facebook this year is not Gangnam Style, but the We Are Young by the Grammy nominee Fun.

Instagram topped the technology chart. This year the Facebook-owned photo sharing website gained a big popularity in the social media world. In addition, FB users enjoyed sharing the gaming application ‘Draw Something’.

These statistics are based on the Facebook activity of about 1 billion users from every part of the world.


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