UAE grants 2-month amnesty to illegal foreign workers


A two-month amnesty was announced in the UAE, concerning all people who remain in the country without visas. Foreigners are given the generous opportunity to legitimize their documents or leave the country with no penalty relations.

Nearly 200,000 immigrants went to their home-countries during the six-months amnesty back in the distant 1996. During the January – April period of 2002 another 300,000 illegal residents left the borders of the country due to similar amnesty. In 2007, UAE introduced a similar policy which affected 342,000 illegal immigrants. They either left the country or legitimized their former visas.

People who reside in UAE, but their visas expired, now can get outpaces from any residency department. With that outpass the illegal residents can leave the country without having to pay penalties. During the period from 4th December to 3rd of February, they can also legitimate their current visas by paying certain fines.

There is a distinction to be made. People who infiltrate the UAE will be considered as criminals. The amnesty concerns only illegal residents with expired visas or overstayed visitors. Immigrants arrested on the territory of the Emirates are also allowed to leave the border. Yet this doesn’t apply to foreigners with undergoing cases.

Different awareness campaigns and press briefings are up to be held by residency departments across the UAE. Their goal is to inform the masses about the purpose of the amnesty. Illegal foreigners have to understand that is a good initiative that will spare them a lot of trouble.



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