Tips for Retailers to leverage Social Media


Today, social media has become a necessity for any kind of business or industry. Companies all over the world use social networks and tools to reach more clients.

Social media is extremely popular among retailers. Most retail companies, no matter how big or small, have a net of social profiles where they try to lure new potential customers. However, it is not easy to be noticed in the big sea of supply chain companies. Therefore, retailers need to be unique when they manage their social pages. That, however, can be hard to do, especially if they don’t rely on social media experts to create their content. In this article we will offer retailers some ideas for social media campaigns that can improve their online presence and increase their clients.

Engage the Consumer

The most successful social media campaigns are the ones which engage the consumers. That is applicable to all kind of businesses. If you constantly interact with your audience you are more likely to get more feedback and more engagement from them.

To engage users, start a social media campaign that will encourage people to share some of your posts. For example, tell your audience that they will receive a coupon or a gift card if they share a post on your Facebook page. Also, give prizes to the people with whom clients shared the post. In that way you will increase the number of your “fans”.

Limited-Time Promos

Shake up your customers by offering them a special promotion that is available only for a few hours or for the first people who respond to the post. For instance, you can say that you will provide a free service or free products that typically cost $100 (don’t be stingy!) to the first 15 or 30 people who like your post. If your retail business is bigger, than you can increase the number of potential winners. This campaign will make your social page and your business popular in a matter of hours.

Online Sales

Another great campaign would be if you do a big sale on some of the social networks. However, make it clear that the sale will be available only online for fans or followers of the company. Show generosity and offer 10 items at the price of 5, for example. But make sure that your offers are relevant. Don’t sale items of which you are trying to get rid because they are too old or unpopular. Sell items that people would want to buy. With this campaign you can motive customers to use your e-commerce services.

Give Customers a Voice

Customers love it when they are given the chance to share their opinion. Moreover, they become very active when they are asked to be creative. Therefore, encourage them to write reviews about your company or your services, products or even your staff. Ask them to produce a writing which has a humouristic tone. In that way even negative reviews and comments will sound good. Offer prizes for the best works and watch how your social profile blows up from all the responses!

If you want your retail business to be successful in the social media world, you need to provide entertainment for your customers and be unique. Organize at least one of these online campaigns and you’ll see how that works.

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