Whose celebrity photo you could stick on your bedroom wall?


Many people like to hang posters and pictures of celebrities in their rooms – bedrooms or even bathrooms. That is especially common with teenagers. Some stick photos of their favorite singers and actors, or their celebrity crush. Others just cover their walls in posters to hide the old wallpapers.

With this article we will take a different approach. We will make some poster suggestions of people who could inspire you to become a better person. In other words, we will present you to some of the best role models in Hollywood whose pictures deserve a place on your wall.


One quality we should all have is compassion and desire to help other people. A celebrity who could inspire you to give is actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a dedicated activists and environmentalist. DiCaprio has donated millions to support various causes.

Another philanthropist is Shakira. The Columbian singer-dancer is not only talented, but also generous. She spends a lot of her free time helping unprivileged children in her home country Columbia. Shakira has founded her own charity organization and financed the building of an entire school.

This section of the article would not be complete without the biggest celebrity activist – U2’s vocalist Bono. The singer is famous for his humanitarian work. He has founded a number of charity organizations. In addition, he influenced many of his colleagues to join him in his efforts to turn the world into a better place. For years Bono has been organizing charity concerts and events. Also, the singer often pays visits to important political figures with whom he discusses major global issues and their possible solutions.


Hollywood is a world of vanity and sham perfection. That is why it is always inspiring when someone decides to oppose the slim and tall Hollywood standard.

Actress America Ferrera is proud with her Latin curves. Ferrera impressed the world when she turned down a couple of well-paid roles for which she had to lose weight. In addition, America’s short height does not worry her at all. That is why the actress was ideal for her role of the imperfect and awkward Betty in the TV series Ugly Betty.


Education is always important. However, celebrities who pick university degree over career are exceptions. Natalie Portman is one of these exceptions. Portman successfully combined her film career with her education ambitions. She did her undergraduate studies in Harvard. Later she continued her graduate studies in Hebrew University.


Hollywood is full with bad boys and naughty girls. There are not many stars who are both famous, talented and well-behaved. But Taylor Swift is all that! The singer never gets into trouble despite her yearly success on the music scene. Her image on your wall will surely inspire you to follow her example.

From Zero to Hero

The most inspiring of all are these celebrities who have made it to the top after they had hit the bottom. They show the world how, with hard work, strength and luck, one can achieve anything.

TV host Oprah Winfrey knows all about misfortune and fortune. Her life was a real battle for survival. Oprah went through abuse, drug addiction and teenage pregnancy. In addition, the media was always tough on her because of her weight problems. Today, Winfrey is one of the riches people in the world.

Chester Bennington is another celebrity who managed to transform his life. The singer was sexually abused as a child. Later he struggled for a long time with his alcohol and drug substance addiction. Fortunately, Bennington saw the light at the end of the tunnel with the help of his ex wife and band mates from Linkin Park.

But the one who suffered and never lost her spirit is music icon Tina Turner. The singer achieved an early success then lost everything but her name after her divorce with her abusive husband Ike Turner.

If you want to hang a poster of some celebrity on your wall, pick someone with whom you can relate. It may not be one of the names listed in this article. Simply see which famous person inspires you the most!


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