Novelty iPhone 5 Launch at The Dubai Mall


A novelty nowadays is to own Apple’s next-generation smartphone – the iPhone 5. Almost everyone wants one! However, a London-based firm toke advantage on the opportunity to cash-in and now offers gadgets’ enthusiasts the chance to stand out from the crowd.

How? By having a golden iPhone 5!

The company decided to give Apple’s device a new tailor-made to investment trends personality by gilding it from head to toe. It will reveal the new product on September 27 at the Collector’s Palace in The Dubai Mall. What better place to show off a luxurious golden iPhone 5?

The device will come in two versions. One will be made from yellow gold and the other – from rose gold. That is why the two models will differ in their price. Yellow gold iPhone will be available for those ready to pay AED 17,000 ($4,628). If you prefer the rose gold edition, you will need to spend nearly $500 more.

The device’s price is a bit too high, but that is because it is an exclusive edition. Also, as it was already mentioned, the phone is made of pure 24-karat gold. In addition, the gilded handset is entirely custom-made. Even its box is luxurious and stylish. The company says that it is handmade and its main material is wood.

After buying the golden iPhone 5, customers will receive a special certificate of authenticity. In that way the company hopes to fight possible fake devises and replicas. After Dubai, the device will go on sale at Gold & Co’s official dealers.

So if you want to “stand out of the crowd” and buy an iPhone 5 made of gold or you simply want to be among the first to take a glimpse at the luxurious handset, head to the Dubai Mall on September 27 at 7.30 pm.


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