Social Media for Real Estate Agents


Marketing is not what it used to be. Business no longer relies on classified ads, cards and direct mail. Instead it largely uses social media. Real estate agents should also follow this trend in order to keep up with the developments in the modern world. As a matter of fact, many realtors are already doing it! These are the more young real estate agents who are not afraid to combine technology and business. Actually, they are on the right track since the real estate customer base on the web is steadily growing.

Getting Started

Start with Facebook and Twitter. If you still haven’t heard, these are some of the most popular social networks right now. There are more than 800 million people on Facebook and over 170 million have a Twitter profile. Some percentage of them visit these social platforms on daily basis. That means an enormous audience for your service! So if you still don’t have a profile in one of these social sites, it is high time you create one!

Social Media Dos

After you create a profile in one of the countless social networks, take some time to personalize it and improve its appearance. There are many people and real estate agents and companies online. That is why you need to make sure to grab the customers’ attention. The easiest way to do that – use your profile’s good looks!

Offer interesting and unique content. For example, you can give your clients advices on how to choose their next home. In that way you will attract more fans and followers.

Write articles and get them published on the web by established online publishers. This approach can take you to the top of search engines pages in a flash. However, marketing and advertising is not a free of charge service and you should be prepared to pay minor cost.

Another thing you can do is to offer clients mortgage brokers who have an outstanding reputation and provide excellent services. You can also develop an online mortgage calculator widget on your page. In that way customers are more likely to return regularly on your profile.

Many social platforms offer advertising services. On Facebook, for instance, you can advertise your articles and your page. Moreover, you have the option to target a specific group of people. In that way you won’t throw away your money by advertising your business to everyone. You can attract many followers by advertising on Google Adwords or in online publications.

Some real estate agents even print the link to their Twitter or Facebook profile on their business cards.

Social Media Don’ts

Don’t turn your social media profiles into an online store. Social networks are created for two sites communication. Use them to interact with your clients and to post content that is relevant, interesting and meaningful. Of course, you can post your promotions and special offers, but don’t rely entirely on them.

Also, do not target only potential home buyers. You can pay attention to renters too. Give them some tips and ideas. In that way you would create an image of a professional who is not interested only in the money, but also in providing the best customer service possible.

Don’t expect social media to do wonders for you and your business. Yes, it can help you a lot, but that won’t happen right away. You will find that it takes time to build a successful social empire.

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