GITEX 2012 set to impress Small Business


In the coming years, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) will invest more money into information technology. That is due to the fact that the MENA region will boost boost its economy and create more long-term job positions.

According to recent researches, small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to spend about $24.48 billion on IT by 2015. That is $7.75 billion more compared to 2011. The most financially active countries last year were Saudi Arabia (11%), the UAE (9%), Turkey (12%) and South Africa (26%). The next few years this trend is likely to remain the same.

SMEs are an important part of every advanced economy. In addition, they also affect the level of employment in a country. According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, in the UAE small and medium-sized enterprises make up over 80% of the country’s private sector. Right now there are about 200,000 SMEs in the UAE. As a result, this business highly influences the economy of the country. SMEs in the UAE play a key role in the economic development of the country.

Ahed of its official launch this year,  Gitex Technology Week SME Zone was successfully tested last year. The project is funded by Symantec Small and Medium Enterprise and it is expected to return most of the investments. SME Zone will connect SME ICT companies with many powerful investors. Last year, Gitex chief executives reproduced an ICT budget which amounted to $50 billion. In addition, the average order was about $1.2 million.

SME Zone will give participants the chance to enjoy some ICT SME stories for success. Also, at the International Lounge, top experts will provide them with insight information.

Apart from SME Zone, Gitex Technology Week will also offer a variety of solutions for enhancement of SME through some of its sectors like Gitex Consumer Tech, Gitex Mobile Apps & Content World, Gitex Card Technology and Gitex Digital Marketing.


  1. F.A.O : The Human Resources Manager of Gitex 2012 Technologies Management.

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    Joanitta Dsouza


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