Fast food emerges as main cause of obesity in Dubai


Obesity in Dubai becomes a growing concern

According to the data of the statistic center of the Government of Dubai, the city’s population has increased by more than 200 percent since the early 1990s. This has lead to great changes in the population’s way of life.

The fast-developing lifestyle of Dubai provides the population with convenience and variety thanks to the flourishing of housing, shopping and eating options. Nevertheless, while the metropolis blossomed, the population has become more and more obese.

The rates of obesity in Dubai has risen because of several factors. The most significant of all are the great variety of eating alternatives, the popularity of foods that are rich in fat, and the basic health education of the population.

The fast food industry has relied on low prices, convenience and quick service in order to achieve success across the globe. Nevertheless, the consumers not always benefit from this success.

DietFast food made its debut almost a century ago in the United States and since then it has turned into an important part of the American culture, which resulted in its popularity all over the world. Many recent studies have emphasized on the health risks associated with the consumption of fast food. They inspired many public discussions on improving diet and informing Americans of the dangers.

The fast food industry in the Middle East does not fall behind and has grown rapidly since the mid-1980s. Since American chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC gained popularity in the United Arab Emirates, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the country.

What do you think about the rates of obesity in Dubai? Do you the connection between the fast food boom and the rising number of health problems? Please let us know in the comments section bellow.


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