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If you are wandering how going to the world’s largest shopping mall would feel like, The Dubai MALL Magazine will show you the answer. And it will do it absolutely for free! Moreover, the digital edition of the magazine will let you feel the spirit of the glamorous palace of fashion and beauty while sitting on your coach.

Exotic with Arabian aroma, the August issue of the magazine teases the senses and lives up to the image of Dubai’s largest and most visited shopping mall. The layout represents the contradiction, but by no means the conflict, between icy but extremely stylish grey tones and dazzling colors that correspond to the season. This inspires into the reader a sense of elegance and comfort combined with the promise of colorful summer experiences.

If you are planning a shopping spree in the mall of all malls, The Dubai MALL Magazine is just for you. With its “top 20 buys” and “hot list” it attracts your attention to the hottest items, so that you can never miss them “in the crowd”. What is more, the magazine is like a guide – it helps you find easily what you want or need, but it also may draw your attention to something that you may have never noticed before, and I am not talking only about clothes and accessories, I am talking about ideas, trends and beauty tips.

The magazine by no means applies only to fashion admirers. Its sections provide much more than product information or simply trends insight. You can take a look at the suggestions for the little ones in the KIDS section of the magazine. And there is no person, I am sure, who can remain indifferent after looking at the DINE section or the lifestyle suggestions. The Dubai MALL Magazine is created not only to ease your life, but also to make it more interesting and exciting. It is not only about promoting fashion lines and luxurious items – it is about promoting a certain style and a way of life.

The August issue, in particular, also informs about the latest movies and who knows – maybe this is where you will find the perfect suggestion about a great movie night with the whole family. Of course, you may also take advantage of the destination ideas for your next holiday trip. And it does not stop there – for those who are looking for the story behind the fashion, The Dubai MALL Magazine is offering an inspiring piece about the life and the work of the top designer Oscar de la Renta.

So, no matter if you are a fashionista or you just want to pass the time, The Dubai MALL Magazine is just for you. It will not only guide you through the glamorous world of fashion and beauty, but it will also provide some cool ideas about your lifestyle and entertainment. Last but not least, The Dubai MALL Magazine will bring elegance and style to your life absolutely for free – so what are you waiting for! Just go for it!


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