Choosing wedding shoes and accessories


All the bridal accessories to consider

Bridal shoes, underwear, wedding jewellery, veils and tiaras all add up to wedding accessories that make or break the overall look for the day. Here’s our tips for helping you choose your wedding accessories and bridal shoes so you look and feel your best.

If the bridal shoe fits

Let’s face it, if you are wearing a full length wedding dress, the bridal shoes are not going to be the centre of attention on the big day. But a little peek of something nice doesn’t go a miss, and if you can combine this with comfort you are onto a winner.

You will be spending most of the day on your feet, so you need to get this right. Make sure you do plenty of wearing in before the big day to make sure there will be no blisters and adding gel pads will help with the burn. Choose something with some detail on the toe area where they will be seen, or why not wear pretty blue shoes for your ‘something blue’?

Wedding tiaras, hair extensions, clips, bands

Most brides choose a tiara to feel extra special and get that princess look, but this does not always suit all tastes. For something different why not go for a hair piece to add volume or a hair comb to add detail to the side or back of the head. Make sure you have your hair pieces to hand when you go for your trial at the hairdressers so they know what they will be working with on the day.

To bridal veil or not to veil?

Veils often evoke strong opinions with brides, usually it’s the older generation that push for one while a younger bride feels they are too restrictive and old fashioned. But a veil can really transform the look and is the icing on the cake for a complete fairytale look. There are so many choices with veils; lengths, cuts, trims and details all there to give you even more choice.

Coordinate with your dress with some pearl or crystal details in the veil or go for a cathedral length veil which will trail past your dress length and then some. The great thing with a veil is it can transform your look from day to night by removing it for the evening and freeing you up for the dancing.

Bridal jewellery tips

There are no rules that the wedding jewellery should be understated, but they should not take away from the effect of the dress. Choose jewellery that works with your dress and complements it, picking out details from the dress or the theme of the wedding will help for that flawless look.

A really special choice for some brides is to wear jewellery that has been in the family as this adds sentimental value, vintage glamour and can be your ‘something borrowed’. Whatever you choose does not have to be expensive as all attention will be on the dress. Don’t forget to move any ring from your wedding finger before you go up the aisle to avoid any awkwardness.

Bridal lingerie – for your eyes only

Choosing your bridal lingerie will be very different to your wedding dress as you will have only one person in mind to influence your choice. Choosing your lingerie will be dependent on your dress; if it is strapless then a strapless bra will be required. You should also think about the fabric of the dress; if it is very thin then wearing something lace will show through, affecting the line of the wedding dress.

Basques or corsets are a popular choice for brides as not only do they pull in your waist and emphasise your bust and hips, but they are also a sexy option for maximum impact on your wedding night. One valuable piece of advice for any bride to be is getting measured before you buy the bridal lingerie. Most women are wearing the incorrect bra size and this can really make the difference for feeling comfortable and confident on the day in question.

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