Electricity bills rise by 40 – 50 % in GCC region


A regional expert in AC systems has said that electricity consumption in summer in the GCC region rises by 50 percent compared to the rest of the year due to high use of air-conditioners.

In contrast, electricity consumption in Levant region decreases by 60 percent in summer because of less use of heating systems, according to Engineer Mohammed Swairjo, General Manager, Al Reyadah.

“GCC region is one of the biggest users of AC systems in the world, using air-conditioning for over 9 months every year for cooling purposes. In Levant region, AC systems are used for heating during winter and autumn seasons,” said Swairjo.

Electricity consumption peaks are seen in July and August in the GCC region, with all member countries registering highest use of electricity and water during day time.

Swairjo recommends that end users should do regular maintenance of the AC system and clean the AC filters every 2 weeks. Also, users should seal all gaps around AC units and set the temperature to 24 degrees Celsius.

Gulf governments are launching campaigns to raise awareness about rationalization of electricity and water in an effort to save natural resources and maintain sustainable environment.

“Setting AC to 24 degrees helps save energy and prolong the life of the AC unit. There are many ways to achieve this but it needs serious commitment from individuals,” said Swairjo.

Al Reyadah is a specialised AC contracting and management company that works across diverse sectors, including hospitals, schools, universities, sportive clubs, factories, residential units, offices and other facilities. The company handles all sorts of maintenance as well.


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